2. Any person who does not fall within the provisions of the next preceding article must knowingly visit a dive or resort of the above character.] 3. 230. Public official revealing the secrets of individuals. — Any official to whom the secrets of a private person are known by reason of his mandate and who discloses such secrets shall be liable to the sanctions of the arrested mayor and a fine not exceeding 1,000 pesos. — The penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed on any person who knowingly makes use of the false seal or the forged signature or stamp referred to in the preceding Article.chanrobles virtual library of law The provisions of this Article shall not apply: Article 281. Other forms of intrusion. — The penalty of arrest or a fine not exceeding 200 pesos or both is imposed on any person who enters the closed premises or fenced property of another person while one or more of them are uninhabited, if the prohibition of entry is obvious and the intruder has not obtained the authorization of the owner or the virtual library of right caretaker.chanrobles Art. 307.

The difference between the two lies in the seriousness of disobedience. What is serious, in turn, depends on the circumstances of the crime. 189 Unfair competition, fraudulent registration of trademarks, trademarks or service marks, fraudulent designation of origin and false description. — The penalty provided for in the following article of the procedure is imposed: The penalty of temporary withdrawal for its maximum period until death is also imposed on any person who has to burn:candlesvirtual law library 4. Law No. 518, as amended by Laws Nos. 1121 and 2036. Act respecting the definition and punishment of street theft or robbery, now covered by the arts. 306-307.chanrobles virtual library of law Art. 259. Abortion by a doctor or midwife and delivery of miscarriages. — the penalties provided for in Article 256 shall be imposed, for the maximum duration of that period, on any doctor or midwife who, using his scientific knowledge or skills, organises or participates in the causal link of an abortion.

either alone or with others, any request to the authorities for the correction of abuses or the redress of grievances. Virtual Library of Candle law Art. 154. Unlawful use of means of publication and illegal statements. — The penalty of arrest of the mayor and a fine of 200 to 1,000 pesos pesos are imposed in article 159. Other cases of avoidance of the service of the sentence. — The penalty of the correccional prision during its minimum period shall be imposed on a convicted person who, after having been conditionally pardoned by the Chief Executive, violates one of the conditions of such a pardon. However, if the penalty imposed by the granting of such a pardon is more than six years, then the convicted person must undergo the unexpired part of his virtual law library.chanrobles CONSIDERING that it is urgent to update these gambling laws for simplicity and clearer understanding and to standardize and impose harsher penalties for their violations, to make them more effective and responsive to current standards of people`s behaviour and behaviour. § 2 Destructive arson. — The penalty of the withdrawal period within its maximum period until recovery is imposed if the burned property is one of the following:chanroblesvirtual library The penalty of arrest and a fine not exceeding 200 Philippine pesos shall be imposed on persons who violate the provisions of the last paragraph of article 85 if the body of a person who has been lawfully executed, Whenever the crime of rape is committed using a lethal weapon or by two or more people, the punishment is eternal isolation until death.chanrobles virtual law library If a rape is attempted or foiled and a homicide is committed for or on the occasion of a good cause, the punishment is also the virtual law library death.chanrobles Art. 264.

Administration of harmful substances or beverages. — The penalties provided for in the following preceding Article shall apply in each case to any person who, without intent to kill, inflicts serious bodily harm on another person by knowingly administering harmful substances or beverages or by exploiting his mental weakness or credulity. Any person who monopolizes a commodity or a commercial object or who associates with one or more other persons to monopolize goods or objects in order to modify their price by spreading false rumours or using another article to restrict free competition in the market; 2. The penalty of solitary confinement during its intermediate period until recovery, if the theft was accompanied by intentional rape or mutilation or if one of the bodily injuries punishable by Article 263, paragraph 1, was inflicted as a result of or in connection with such theft; However, provided that if the theft associated with rape is committed with a lethal weapon or by two or more persons, the penalty will be withdrawn forever until death (in the version of PD No. 767). 297. Attempted theft and forced theft committed in certain circumstances. — If a homicide is committed for reasons or in connection with an attempted theft or a failed theft, the person guilty of these offences shall be punished by a penalty of temporary detention for the maximum period up to perpetual secrecy, unless the murder committed deserves a higher penalty under the provisions of this Code. What are the penalties for violations of section 151 of the CPP? In case of serious disobedience, the law provides for two (2) penalties, namely: a) imprisonment from one (1) month and one day to six (6) months; and (b) a fine of up to 100,000 pesos. Teachers or other persons in any other capacity responsible for the education and guidance of young people must also be subject to the penalty of temporary special disqualification in its maximum duration until the indefinite special disqualification. 165.

Sale of counterfeit or mutilated parts without tolerance. — A person who knowingly, although without the tolerance mentioned in the preceding articles, actually possesses or issues a counterfeit or mutilated coin with the intention of pronouncing it shall be punished to a lesser degree than the library of virtual law prescribed in these articles art. 234. Refusal to hold office. — The penalty of arrest of the mayor or a fine not exceeding 1,000 pesos, or both, is imposed on any person who, after being elected to a public office by popular vote, refuses to be sworn without legal reason or to exercise the functions of this office.chanrobles virtual library of law Other persons who participate in it will be punished within their maximum duration by a correccional penalty fine and a fine not exceeding 5 000 pesos…

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