“Rajasingam and his team are quick and provide good legal advice with good results in court. The team is also diverse. “The team is able to look at the project from a holistic perspective and advise accordingly from a legal and economic perspective, particularly on complex M&A structures.” “They are attentive, responsive and usually come back with solutions within a reasonable time. Creative legal minds work here with a hodgepodge of experience in various areas of law. “They provide very practical legal advice and cut through all the noise.” “CCA has always been very competent in providing all forms of legal advice to businesses, based on the extensive track record of the firm`s partners. “As commercial director of our project, I had the opportunity to work closely with Zain & Co and found them very responsive, approachable and they provided accurate and pragmatic advice and legal strategies in language that was easy to understand and implement. They have a deep understanding of Malaysian construction law and practice, which has really helped to solve the legal issues that arise with this complex project. “They are both practical and devote a lot of time to the client`s legal needs. Internal peers should know:(a) that they are paying immediate attention to the client;(b) that their knowledge of the area of litigation is at a high level. If the subject is not in their area of expertise, they would say so in advance; (c) prompt service, both on notice and upon submission of documents necessary for justice, including work on long/tight deadlines; and(d) Pleasant and cordial relationship with the customer. The size of the company allows a close response with the customer. “A good combination of legal, commercial and due diligence expert teams to optimize the outcome of the transaction.” “Customer-oriented and responsive.

Provide practical advice on commercial legal matters. “The lawyers at Lim Chee Wee Partnership have excellent knowledge and experience. They also have a good understanding of the business aspects. In this regard, opinions, views and solutions are based on legal principles and practical principles. “James Mythen`s practical legal advice is solution-oriented. “Extreme pragmatism, very strong analytical expertise, strong trust in foreign parties who are unfamiliar with the Malaysian judicial system and a clear focus on key issues. All this always gave us a very clear feeling that we were being treated in the most professional way and created trust in the unknown legal system. The intellectual property department of Josephine, L K Chow & Co is headed by Peh Khaik Kew, Cyndi Chow Li Kian and Yip Huen Weng. The team is divided between Petaling Jaya, where most cases are handled, and Kuala Lumpur. A number of customers come from industries such as construction and consumer goods. It has a proven track record in the information technology sector; Software licensing issues are a big part of the team`s work.

In addition, the Kuala Lumpur office offers a legal advisory service in the music publishing industry, led by Yip Huen Weng, which helps music artists and content creators protect and exploit their content and licensing claims. “James David and his team, Foo Siew Yin, provide us with legal advice on insurance matters that occasionally involve shipping claims. They do a great job of breaking down complex shipping issues and the law around them, and giving us answers in words we understand. They are both fast and cost-effective. James is someone we know who will go the extra mile and has always been there for us, beyond our client/lawyer relationship. Karen Abraham is an exceptional personality. Their understanding of the legal and economic intricacies of clients` businesses is unmatched. `Lim Zhi Jian – Instrumental and a very commercial but legal practitioner. Humble and always ready to listen to the issue by providing the most commercially viable solution to resolve potential disputes.

“The team works very hard, efficiently, professionally, knowingly and gives quick answers. They always do everything possible to satisfy the client and provide him with the best legal services. They are easy to communicate and very transparent. They often discussed Zoom and team meetings with us during the pandemic, which was very effective. This provides a simple one-stop shop for business consultants and legal procurement services to gather information about the companies they want to hire. “Jack Yow and Daphne Koo listen well, understand the issues and communicate opinions without imposing their views. As a client, I enjoyed the discussions on the issues and the law and I feel involved in the decisions made. We have seen this team effectively eliminate a high-performing legal team from a competitor.

“Tay Weng Hwee (Partner) – sharp legal mind with business and practical solutions. “What sets this practice apart is the very individual duty of care, which carefully considered my concerns and questions as a client. With other law firms, I always felt that the legal team was timeless or unavailable to communicate with me in a way that gave me peace of mind that my legal position was advancing. “Rajasingam provides fast, clear and business legal advice. “Arif Rozhan – the leading lawyer in Malaysia. He provides first-class advice to his clients, focuses on problems and develops legal and business solutions to resolve disputes. He is very good at customer management and he is highly appreciated by the industry. Ezane Chong – She is incredibly smart. She knows how to make the most of her team`s strengths to make the most of them and meet the client`s needs. William Chong – He has an understanding of the facts like no one else in the case. They want it to be in one room for all settlement negotiations.

“I am a licensed lawyer in Japan and have been working with JLKC for over three years. Their team has extensive experience in litigation practice in Malaysia and has advised us appropriately from time to time based on their experience and legal analysis. In addition, his team has lawyers who can speak Japanese and this would be useful for Japanese clients. “The team put their heart into my case, they looked at the situation with empathy and compassion and found all the right legal reasons to defend my case. They have priority to help me defend and solve the problem and are always looking for a mediation path that is less stressful mentally and financially for me. They gave me a sense of security with adequate legal status. “Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill (LHAG) is a `Rare Gem`, a renowned law firm that surpasses its reputation in the legal field as we know it. We are very pleased with the unprecedented representation we have received from LHAG. Due to the dynamism of our company, LHAG has always provided its impeccable service on time. We are pleased with their commitment to managing our business. We are also reassured to know that they have always put the interests of their clients first in their approach. `Ng Hooi Huang is always available and very accessible.

Their advice was very practical, but always based on sound legal principles. “Liza and her team provide legal services that go beyond what is required. They take the time and effort to understand our concerns and then help us achieve what we want to achieve in the best possible way. Liza`s extensive experience is critical to our rapid growth and business expansion. “Ho Wei Lih: good judgment, creative in solving legal problems, able to bring his vast experience to formulate new strategies to solve legal problems. “This is a well-run boutique law firm in the Kuala Lumpur area with experienced legal representatives. Whenever we have dealt with them, we have received prompt and good quality legal advice and acted upon our requests. Your fees are also reasonable. “Soh Yin Chuin has extensive knowledge of maritime and maritime law; provides relevant and practical advice; and knowledge of the practical aspects arising from the interaction between different jurisdictions for cross-border or international transactions. “Their commitment to work and the accessibility of receiving legal advice is exceptional.

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