The term civil law in Azerbaijan refers to private law, which is contrary to the common law system of criminal and civil law. The main laws and laws governing civil law and civil procedure are set out in the Civil Code of Azerbaijan, which was promulgated in December 1999. [5] The current Criminal Code of Azerbaijan entered into force in September 2000 and replaced the old Criminal Code of 1960, which was based on the principles of Soviet law. [6] Article 1 of the Criminal Code states: “The criminal legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of this Code. New laws defining criminal liability may be included in this Code”; [6] This is characteristic of civil law systems such as France and Italy. In 1998, Azerbaijan became the first country in the East to abolish the death penalty. [2] NATLEX: Azerbaijan (external link) (International Labour Organization) Database of national laws on labour, social security and related human resources. Northern Azerbaijan is actually a part of Southeast Europe and southern Azerbaijan is part of Northwest Asia Ramil, thank you for the visit and I, as I mentioned to Chris, Azerbaijan is located on the outskirts of Central Asia. Just to cross the sea and you are there. Wow, that`s a great article: I didn`t know many items on your list. You could be fined or arrested if you don`t have these documents with you. When it comes to additional local laws and customs, there are a few standard regulations as well as a few more specific laws that may surprise some visitors. Thus…

What happens to the bread that hangs from the trees? Is it getting old-fashioned? Mouldy? Do they end up taking it off and throwing it away? Known as tandoor (but written tendir in Azerbaijani), these cylindrical ovens have a burning fire inside, and the bread is placed along the inner walls, where it is directly exposed to the heat of the coals in the same chamber. The dough is sticky enough that they can just hit it, and they fish it with a metal hook when it`s done. Azerbaijan and Armenia are at war over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh. The region belongs to Azerbaijan, but is ruled by ethnic Armenians. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Azerbaijanis have been expelled from their ancestral homeland. Plagued by conflict since 1988, tensions have escalated. With all this in mind, the word Armenia could evoke a clumsy look from neighboring Azerbaijanis, so it is better to avoid it altogether. It`s pretty awesome. But on the other hand, it`s probably at least partially responsible for the next factoid.

Basically, everything about Azerbaijan could be worth mentioning, because no one seems to know anything about it. They are in the minds of many Westerners in the middle of nowhere, but also at the point of convergence of several historical empires, many of which strategically considered it critical to their interests. Avoid using airport taxis unless the wallet is full of money or there is a credit card in the business account. Go to Heydar Aliyev International Airport and see a swarm of London-style black taxis trying to attract tourists to Baku with inflated prices. The Airport Express bus runs every 30 minutes to Baku`s central transport hub at the May 28 metro station. The journey doesn`t take much longer and bus tickets cost around 5% of a taxi. Gold has long been used for tooth restoration because gold can be shaped to look like a tooth, is hard enough to last for many years, and is basically immune to corrosion. In other words, it`s a great replacement tooth if a natural tooth fails one day. The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan is a supreme judicial body for civil, criminal and other cases related to the enforcement of general and specialized courts. The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan is the supreme body of constitutional jurisdiction in matters assigned to its jurisdiction by the Constitution, with the power to interpret and apply the Constitution of Azerbaijan. Candy, fruit, desserts, and other candy often arrive with a teapot, and the selection can get quite extensive if you`re invited to someone`s home. In no time, there could be an entire table full of candy and other treats.

In the city of Nakhchivan, in a piece of Azerbaijan cut off from the rest of the country, there is a strangely shaped mountain that comes out of the ground at random, with a bump at the top, which is supposed to be the place where Noah first landed after the flood. The city and region even get their names from legend, as Nakhchivan means “city of Noah”. Move on to the next point if you are a millionaire. Recently, Azerbaijan sees many tourists from the Middle East. Day trip prices have gone up so much that some of the guided tours cost close to $100 per person. People who want to spend the money and get the right value for money use public transport. You can make a round trip in less than $10 per person. He even claims to be the biblical sailor`s final resting place, and you can visit his tomb on the outskirts of the city, where a lonely, thorny tower is said to contain his remains. But most places with real bathrooms often had both, so don`t panic too much about it. In some cases, they only have golden teeth.

I saw a bus driver whose smile consisted of no visible natural tooth. It was just shimmering gold, from side to side. Browse our comprehensive collection of trips, including departures to Turkey, Jordan and Georgia. What makes Azerbaijan a unique travel destination? It wasn`t everywhere, but in most of the nicer bathrooms, it was ubiquitous. Toilet paper is actually a kind of Western invention, and although I doubt a Westerner will give it up in the foreseeable future, I have heard some Azerbaijanis say that they think their way is better. The flag flies over a huge square, often used for public ceremonies, and can be seen from the coast of the city center floating across the bay, visible from afar.

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