I am looking for a private seller for land in the city of Bharia in Karachi – about 250 m². Pls Message Me New Introduction Bahria Sports City Location in bahria city of Karachi. With a new international cricket stadium and other sporting activities. Jitne logon se bahria walon ne paise liye hain utni zameen nahin hai inke pass. Maybe next year ye a logon ko paise wapis karen jin ko alotment nahin hui. They planned to buy land off Nooriabad near Towellers Factory Lekin in Nahin Lagta, the Zameen Inko Milegi. filhal princit 21-31 ke logon ke paison ko use kar ke 20 princit ban rahe hain Which district of the city of Bahria has already been elected?. Which district will vote next and when, an idea? I ask the municipality of Bahria to review the allocation, to revise the map. I bought a plot of land in the city of the Gulf of Bahria city of KARACHI still no allotment, although my payment is paid and last month you allocated 200 plots of land according to your choice without voting. This is not a fair deal, I had the impression that you are relatively honest and fair, but what is happening this time, you need your answer, it is really a very big disappointment for me, I waited for my property number today, I visited the office in Bahria and when I ask them to vote, they give me my PLT number, since the vote took place in September, and it was in PRCT-30 at the final border of Bahria, as I know in the regular remittance payer and I paid all the payments so far before the time. I think Bahria Town has a good reputation, so it should keep it and these pay all the payments, they should get its plots between PRECINCT 1 to 20, at least PRECINCT-7 to 16, because we maintain our loyalty to pay installments on time, not an investor who reserves only one plot and earns money, our payout money carries BTK expenses. I am a first member of Bahria Town, I booked a 200 square foot house in Bahria Homes, I paid instalments every FOUR YEARS and after paying the full amount, the vote was done.

My house number was assigned in District 23A, while I couldn`t find 23A in the list of districts. I wrote to customer service, they told me it was under construction. No one knows when and where it will be finished and when I will take possession of the house. I want to move to the city of Bahria. The town of Bahria has a big name in the market. I hope that the authorities will read this email carefully and solve my problem. even I am willing to pay an extra 10% for the area if it is given near the district. Thank you, I would like to know the location of the hospitals in the city of Bahria.

How many hospitals and in which district? Sir, please send me a map of karachi city, Bhariya Precinct-33. Is it definitive? I have a 500 square foot lot located in District 29, which is very far from Supper Road. If I know this place in advance, I never buy the land from the city of Bahria Karachi. bahriatowntoday.com/bahria-sports-city-karachi-high-resolution-master-plan-location-map/ Bahria Town masters the art of urban planning and urbanism and has turned a great vision into reality. Our world-class communities are well ahead of their time. All developments have the most advanced infrastructure and first-class facilities in the country. I recently purchased a form from about three months ago from an authorized reseller for 125 yds fully paid. It is still not registered. I would like to know where Bahria will divide the President`s action.

Someone told me it was in Bahria Hills, but I am not able to find the same thing when the voting is over. Personally, I recently visited the entire bahria city of Karachi from the main entrance Super Highway to the last district 31, I think last district no more than 15 km from the main gate. The main map showing the whole neighborhood shows the city of Baharia is a rectangular shape that shows district 25 above, but while we are driving by car, we only go back and forth. Is this map mado in real base. Sir, I want to know what is the difference between Bahria houses (Quaid block) and Bahria houses (IHO) and where are Bahria IHO houses. I am Pakistani overseas and I have 500 square feet of residential plots abroad in btk. I can`t understand how Bahria first showed various maps showing the location of the overseas block, and now they have mixed overseas properties in District 4 with normal plots of 500 m². I made my investment after looking at the location of the overseas block on the map. How Bahria can mix with normal plots with high quality overseas plots. Remember that not only is the price of foreign land higher than normal plots, but we also pay payments in U.S. dollars. BTK must acknowledge that overseas Pakistanis have trusted them.

I ask you to check the map of the overseas block and give us the same premium location as at the beginning of the project. Muhammad Sohail Riyadh. KSA Dear Aslam In the new map of Bahria Karachi city, you will find districts 30 to 39 after district 29 on jinnah Avenue main street. For its advantages, I wrote a review on the news channel of the city of Bahria, which will help you understand my point. Search Goggle: Bahria News Channels. Click: on the news channel of the city of Bahria in Pakistan Facebook.. Click: on Farid Uddin`s review. Check the answers and click precinct-29. Click Visitor Posts and read.

I also have a field there and I fully hope for its future. Allah hamari investment ki hifazat karay Ameen. Farid uddin Cher, respected bahria city karachi we have btk qus4123/125 yard living old we pay the regular sex rate in time wahy we do not receive sacsas full districts please can be informed me if we will be fiutar payment regularly or arrested, please even a god denies me your life whatsapp, 00966,551559388 www.property365.pk/roots-millennium-schools-now-in-bahria-town-karachi-opening-in-2016/ Wikimapia.org shows extensive versions of Bharitown Karachi heading north, which is about 5 km long, then the approved plan and this expanding macaw is marked 5 plots Marla and Awami apartmetns. All comments pls. Are you planning to sell 2 plots in Precinct-4 Plot # 667 & 693 Interested in Contact 00974-55167484 Hello Mr. Farid, I have a plot in p-29 why say it is very well planned? When I was there in December 2015, it ended up being completely sterile. I am disappointed. So, if you could explain, it would be very helpful Dear Farid, Thank you for your answer. I will read your message.

And Amen to Allah hifazat karay as his hard-earned halal money. Mr. yasir, how much you sold the plots, you can send all the details, please my email that I h.zaheer786@yahoo.com .. and what is not an application is not a 00971557360717 I have physically observed that the development work of the site is so fast that all the districts will develop in time, that is, before the 16th installment. Brother that you can reach in half an hour. From the P-31 to the Tower with the Bahria high-speed train. Excellent! It`s a beautiful place to live. I really appreciate sir Malik Riaz Hussain`s vision. The whole city of Bahria is nothing more than a paradise. I have plot size 10 250 sqyd with regn no btkp-fty.3039. I`m waiting for plo no pls.

I pay my payment of 2200 houses s.y, but I did not receive a letter of vote. It is unfair that I paid all the payments on time. What is the reason for this? Please tell me that I cannot see my plot in p-30 because the plot number is 380, the map is of very poor quality, please download it better, at least we can see the plot number. What about the fact that they did not receive the district numbers and parcel numbers? Old answer to hussains43@hotmail.co I would like to confirm the map of district 29 c, and what is its location, please run ASA Everyone, I live in Dubai and I would like to sell my 500 m² land in the city of Bahria Karachi as I have two plots of 500 and I intend to keep only one due to affordability. Please contact me on my phone #00971561579231 or email abdulrehman81@hotmail.com if you are interested. I have paid all the installments so far and have only asked for 9lacs on top of the total amount paid because I desperately want to sell it. BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI ALL PROJECT INVEST PRICE DIRECT OWNER Once the card has changed, it can change again. It is difficult to trust BT and Mr Malik Riaz, as the whole development may never be completed. Essential services such as roads, water supply, gas and electricity can last for many years or never reach many areas of BT.

Many parcels of land can end up as barren land in the middle of nowhere. The largest mosque, lectures and visits by religious, Dasterkhwan and many other acts of charity are just a smokescreen. Constituency 21-32 exists in Thana Bula Khan. If they buy land there, only then will they give land there. For now, only pay installments and get the property number How to know when the property will be given for Bahria Heights Building A and Blvd. B, when floor 9 will be sold and at what price aajubm@yahoo.com usa Ashraf thank you Please help find 1470, it is not clearly visible in precinct 29th District 4 is mixed. If you would like to buy, please call Mustafa 03422774376. When will the map for 33C be issued and downloaded? Unfortunately, the assignees of this district received plot numbers in the last election, so they were already waiting and suffering more than all the other assignees.

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