The legislation requires the state to rapidly expand the background check system and then extend this process to all ammunition purchases, including shotgun grenades. Hochul said external consultants will be brought in to help with implementation if necessary. Once Hochul signs it, the law will go into effect on September 1 and the DCJS has until April to implement a background check database and weapons training courses. NICS provides full service to FFLs in 31 states, five U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. The VNR provides partial services to six countries. The remaining 13 countries conduct their own audits through the ENV. New York law has a national database of licenses and records that will be created and maintained by the State Police Division. Records of licenses issued must be reviewed periodically by the Department of Criminal Justice for criminal convictions, mental health, and any other records necessary to determine their continued accuracy and whether the person still holds a valid license.

The Department of Criminal Justice Services must also review pending firearms licence applications in the national database to determine whether a licence can be issued. All government agencies must cooperate to ensure that their records are available for such inspections.3 An ammunition dealer in New York may only transfer ammunition to a licensed arms dealer if the ammunition seller verifies the transferee`s identity by providing a valid government identification document (e.g., driver`s license) and contacts the national database of permits and records and provides the database with sufficient information to confirm that the transferee is authorized to possess ammunition. If the transferee is authorized to possess ammunition, the database shall provide the seller with a unique identification number corresponding to the transfer. This requirement does not apply if the background check cannot be conducted because the system is not operational or inaccessible due to a technical error.2 If an individual attempts to purchase a firearm, the seller, known as the Federal Firearms Licence Holder (FFL), will contact the NEPS electronically or by telephone. The potential buyer completes the ATF form and the FFL forwards this information to the ENV. NICS staff will conduct a background check on the buyer. This background check confirms that the purchaser does not have a criminal record or is not otherwise authorized to purchase or possess a firearm. Since its launch in 1998, more than 300 million checks have been carried out, resulting in more than 1.5 million refusals.

New York law requires a review of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) by a licensed firearms dealer before transferring, selling, trading, or disposing of a firearm, except between immediate family members. The merchant must submit a NICS background check report to the state. Both State Policing and the Department of Criminal Justice will play a critical role in processing background checks and approvals, as well as developing the security training required for the purchase of a handgun or semi-automatic rifle. There will also be an appeal process for a person who is denied permission or has revoked one. Democrats said the Hochul administration has pledged to appoint 100 full-time employees to facilitate background checks and other actions related to the law changes. These initiatives follow the gun legislation signed by Hochul last month, which requires anyone who buys a semi-automatic rifle to obtain a license and prohibits its sale to anyone under the age of 21. Background check for ammunition purchases – This applies to ammunition needed for weapons requiring a license in New York. Purchasers must present their licence at the time of purchase. Extensive background check and disqualification criteria – Applicants who have “documented cases of violent behaviour” or those involving possession of firearms or alcohol-related offences will be prohibited from obtaining a secret carry permit.

Background checks and good character assessments include a review of a candidate`s social media. Federal law requires state-licensed gun dealers (but not private sellers) to conduct a background check on the buyer before selling a firearm. Federal law provides states with the ability to serve as state “point of contact” and conduct their own background checks using state and federal records and databases, or to ask the FBI to conduct checks using only the National Criminal Instant Checking System (NICS) database. (Note that state files are not always included in the federal database.) A record of the VNR examination must be retained by the dealer (without a specific period of time) for review by a peace officer or police officer. The dataset is not considered a “public record”. A merchant may require that any wire transfer made in accordance with these terms and conditions be subject to a fee not exceeding $10.00. Violation of these provisions is punishable as an offence.1 A handgun possession licence must identify each handgun in its possession.2 Licence holders who receive additional handguns must apply for an amendment to their licence to specify handguns and licence holders who sell or otherwise transfer their handguns must request that the registration of these handguns be cancelled on their license.3 ALBANY Changes to New York`s gun laws, introduced by lawmakers Friday and legislation signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul, will require background checks for every ammunition purchase and will also require handgun license applicants to provide details of their social media accounts dating back three years. “Under current procedures, the results of most background checks are immediate; They tend to be slower when there`s doubt about whether the identified buyer is someone who can be banned,” said Sen. Brian Kavanagh, a Democrat from Manhattan. The Concealment Improvement Act, passed by the Senate in a 43-20 vote Friday afternoon and a 91-51 vote later in the evening, requires candidates to demonstrate “good character,” take a firearms safety course and provide data from their social media accounts as part of enhanced background checks.

The measures include expanding the state and introducing its own background check system for those applying for a gun license, reviving a long-stalled plan to create a database that would track ammunition sales. Gun owners in New York must obtain a license before purchasing a handgun. The licensing process also includes background checks and other specific requirements that applicants must meet to be eligible to purchase or possess a firearm. For more information about these practices, please visit our New York Licensing page. The purchase of ammunition would also trigger a background check by DCJS, and the bill further restricts the types of body armor that can be sold. And Hochul said Friday she would tear up a deal reached under his predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, that blocked the implementation of a database on ammunition sales. New York is not a contact state for NICS. As a result, gun dealers in New York City must initiate the background check required by federal law by contacting the FBI directly. State Senator Andrew J. Lanza, R-Staten Island, said gun requirements would likely hamper the ability of people in minority communities, including New York City, to obtain a license.

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