Since the pandemic, competition for law school places has become particularly fierce. With increasing admission competition, applicants need to create a balanced and effective list of target schools that will secure them a place in law school, ideally with a financial aid program that will help them escape crushing debt. Thomas Edison State University receives perfect marks when it comes to security. In the past three years, they have not had to report a single minor or violent crime, VAWA violation, arson, arrest, or alcohol or drug offence. Despite the size of the campus (nearly 20,000 students), it is one of the safest in the country. This may be due in part to the university`s mission to serve adult learners as well as its large online platform. Most students, although on campus for various reasons, supplement their learning through digital means. With that in mind, here are the three safest schools in the report: The college considered the safest campus is Concordia University, St. Paul, a private university in Minnesota. Partly due to its emphasis on online learning as well as its religious affiliation, Columbia College has become one of the safest large colleges in the country.

With only two minor offenses in the last three years, Columbia really only has alcohol and drug offenses on its criminal record. To create a sustainable and safe campus environment, Columbia has implemented many programs and services: round-the-clock campus patrol, safety and mechanical system monitoring, preventative measures, transparent crime reporting, emergency response, and comprehensive fire system monitoring. A “shotgun” approach, where you apply to 20 or more schools in the hope that an application will be accepted, can take a lot of time and money. Whether your target list is just a sketch or out of control, it`s worth investing in research and thought to build a manageable list of schools where you have a realistic chance of admission. Baylor University, one of the nation`s largest Christian universities, is affiliated with Baptists and has about 17,000 students. Baylor`s campus is located in Waco, Texas and covers 1,000 acres. It is the oldest university in Texas and is consistently ranked as one of the “best colleges” in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Twelve schools and colleges make up Baylor; Life on campus is lively and characterized by a high level of student participation in Greek life and sports. And there is a strong relationship with the U.S. military. Although the University of Houston-Downtown is also located in a major city, it has reported only a few minor crimes (burglary, robbery, alcohol offense) in the past three years.

It is one of the safest campuses in the country and has a highly dedicated on-campus police service (UHDPD). The UHDPD implements its stated values of integrity, honesty, fairness, courage, compassion and accountability, provides all its crime procedures and reports, provides safety advice and resources, and applies a wide range of preventive measures. It just shows that a great security team can significantly affect a university`s security rating, because even though Wayne State University is located in a city with one of the highest crime rates — Detroit, Michigan — it`s one of the safest large universities in the country. It may be because of its location that there are minor incidents of violent crime (including hate crimes and VAWA violations), as its standards of vigilance and security are higher than those of other universities. In addition, all security and police facilities in Wayne State are fully licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law and Enforcement Standards. Similarly, you may have a shorter target list if you are only interested in attending schools in a particular legal market. For example, if you only want to attend law school in Texas, you`ll probably only apply to half a dozen schools. You may have an even shorter list in less competitive legal markets. After all, many states have only one or two law schools.

Specialization. Look for law schools that match your academic and professional interests. If you know you want to practice corporate law, look at the courses offered by a prospective corporate law school and the professors who teach them, as well as relevant programs and student activities. If you can`t find much, it`s a sign that you might be struggling to find resources, support, and like-minded people on campus. Geography can also play a role here – without a robust local sector, you won`t have much to do in corporate law. There is no “good” number of schools to consider. This exact number will likely depend on your own profile and preferences. But given the difficult admission climate, I recommend applying to at least 10-12 schools.

The security firm recently released the results of a study that attempted to identify the safest college campuses in America. Here are the 101 safest schools according to the study. You can usually use the same personal statement with minor adjustments for each school you apply to, so the marginal effort to apply to another school is often small. However, some schools have tricky requirements and additional testing. On the other hand, candidates with strong and well-balanced profiles may find themselves in a privileged position, as they only need to apply to 6-10 law schools. This may also apply to applicants who are considering other life options beyond law school and prefer to reapply at a later date rather than attend a less selective school. If not, how can you find a target school? Here are some suggestions for identifying schools where you have a chance to get admitted and find a good fit. Read on to find out which college campuses are ranked as the safest in the United States, according to Niche.

Culture. Some law schools are larger than others. Some are well integrated into larger research universities, while others are more closely linked. Some have urban campuses, while others are suburban or rural. Some attract an inordinate number of students with certain political opinions, religious affiliation, heritage, international background or military service. Some are friendlier and easier going, while others are more hardworking and career-oriented. Some have politically engaged student bodies, while others cater to students who focus more on their career goals. Don`t make assumptions – understand who you are as a student and what kind of culture best suits your needs.

Law school is hard enough to find a place where you feel at home, where you can make friends and bonds for life. However, it may be reasonable to assume that the smaller the university or college, the safer it is, and vice versa: the larger the university, the more dangerous it is. But that`s just not true. In fact, one of the safest universities in the country is also one of the largest (see number 50). Due to their size, the colleges and universities listed below are able to employ significant security services, create a range of prevention programs, and implement innovative technologies in their security procedures and plans. Regardless, whether a university has 1,000 or 65,000 students, security is a key component of a healthy campus. That`s why College Choice has created the ultimate list of the safest major colleges and universities (15,000 or more students). To view our ranking of the 50 safest small colleges and universities, click here.

New York University is located in Manhattan, primarily near and around Washington State Park. NYU`s Department of Public Safety provides many services, including investigative services, victim assistance, safe travel, emergency alerts, security equipment repairs, legal assistance, and social liaison services. Violence against women and minorities at New York University is extremely low, as is violent crime. NYU reports a few robberies, robberies, and assaults in recent years, but those reports are well below the national average, making NYU one of the safest major universities in the country. A major public university in Logan, Utah, Utah, Utah State University is a land and space concession institution known for its contributions to research. Among its many rankings and recognitions, USU has sponsored a number of Rhodes Scholars, MacArthur Scholars, and Nobel Prize Laureates. As one of the largest schools on our list with nearly 30,000 students, USU consists of nine colleges and offers nearly 200 bachelor`s degrees as well as over a hundred university degrees. Towson is also located in a city known for its crime statistics — Baltimore, Maryland — and remains one of the safest major universities in the country. The Towson University Police Department is accredited by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators and is consistently recognized as one of the best in the state and the country.

They work closely with the Office of Emergency Preparedness, the All-Hazards Preparedness Committee and campus administration to create a safe learning environment. Like many other colleges and universities on our list, Towson scores high for its absence from violent and nonviolent crime, but has some partisan violations (alcohol and drugs). However, its averages are still well below average. College data and review site Niche analyzed student data and ratings to find out which campuses are the safest. Remember, just make your list of schools that you would be willing to visit maybe even a little excited if you were accepted. Unless you`re determined to attend law school in the fall, hell or flood, you`re better off re-evaluating your options rather than spending three years in a school that you feel is ill-suited. When compiling a list of law schools, you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I advise many applicants to use the rule of three: apply to at least three schools of scope, purpose and safety. Part of the CUNY (City University of New York) system, Bernard M.

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