Third, no one is “riding” a legal holiday in England. Scotland has outstanding universities, and these candidates are often highly qualified and motivated, who also go through the same rigorous recruitment process as English candidates. Registered traineeships during the year of practice of law – which runs from November to October – are spread across 274 different organisations across Scotland, with roles in private practice and in-house positions with a wide range of employers. Please share! Looking for advice/support for a law student looking for a part-time internship as she has a young child. Employers often say no, as a flexible internship is not considered the norm and does not fit into their regular training program / it just seems too difficult. Applications for flexible internships are welcome by the Law Society of Scotland – how can they better discuss their needs with an employer? Someone in #HR, #graduaterecruitment or hiring manager has any advice/would you like to chat with her? Rob Marrs, I know you might be able to help spread the word! Society encourages interns and those interested in offering internships to think creatively about how these internships could be conducted. The internship is usually a two-year full-time training contract in an organization, but it is possible to carry out internships in a more flexible way. Please note that an internship must last two years or the equivalent for part-time training. Examples of flexible articling include: As part of your articling placement, you`ll work with some of the best lawyers in the country. You will gain unique insight into the legal and business issues facing our clients and be part of the team that provides the pragmatic solutions required. Although internships in large companies often seem more visible, there are many other opportunities in small companies and internally. We collect evidence of this every year in our trainee statistics. See below for a breakdown of last year`s articling positions by type of law firm: The Law Society is unable to find articling for individuals, nor can we say which employers have hired articling students in the past.

You should also know that you will not be able to get an internship if you have completed the LLB and the diploma. The job market for internships works like any other profession in the private sector. You need to look for opportunities yourself proactively. “Maintaining this pace of apprentice recruitment for two full years is good news for young Scottish lawyers, but it also shows that the legal sector in general is doing well despite the multiple headwinds it faces. Given the high numbers of the past two years, we wouldn`t be surprised if the momentum slows down at least a bit next year. Secondly, Scottish tariffs are not excessive and the Scottish legal profession is not impervious to English competition. National companies pay their Scotland-based lawyers less than their regional English lawyers, despite the same hours of work in practice, despite an often higher cost of living, particularly in Edinburgh. The number of new training places dropped significantly in the first year of the pandemic in 2020, but since then the numbers have been well above the long-term average. Flexible internships are usually arranged by the intern themselves, so you need to be proactive and contact employers. If you would like more information about flexible internships, contact us by email or call 0131 226 7411 and select option 3.

First point: These are completely different legal systems (Scottish is a mixture of civil and customary law). It can`t be helped. That being said, corporate, banking, fund and labour lawyers can and often move freely between the two. There are also a number of English property law teams in major Scottish law firms. So it doesn`t really stand up to scrutiny. We are looking for people who want to make a career – not just an internship in Scotland. The President of the Law Society of Scotland, Murray Etherington, commented: “These figures are a good indicator of the current state of the Scottish legal sector. They are a testament to both the company`s growth and confidence in our profession. Flexible internships can offer significant benefits to organizations and potential interns. A new record has been set for the number of traineeships registered in Scotland, with figures from the Law Society of Scotland showing 788 traineeships started last year.

We`re hiring! Due to continued growth, as of September 2023, we have two exciting #traineeship opportunities for customer-focused individuals to join the company as interns in our Serious Injury and Occupational Illness departments. More information can be found here and apply: #hiring #wearehiring #lawfirmjobs #traineesolicitor #trainees #personalinjury #legaljobsscotland In 2021, 744 internships were registered throughout the year as the sector recovered from the decline in 2020 figures due to uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While a final total for this year is still a few months away, the company notes that the vast majority of internships are typically started in August and September each year — so expect that number of 316 to rise sharply in the coming weeks. The figure to be exceeded in 2021 is 744. I just spent my first 6 months at the Scottish Refugee and Migrant Centre. The last 6 months have been an interesting, complex and sometimes troubling period of working in the UK human rights and immigration sector. Just think of the war in Ukraine, the announcement of plans to repeal the Human Rights Act (an important law that protects the human rights of all of us in Britain) and the passage of a new law, the Nationality and Borders Act, which will have a massive impact on the lives of people seeking safety in Britain. When you read in the news about changes in the law in politics, you can sometimes feel like it`s not something that`s going to affect our lives, it`s something that`s going to happen to other people. A final sum for 2022 is still in a few months.

The majority of internships usually start in August and September of each year. “Articling students are the future of our legal profession, so it`s important that we align them to succeed. With so many people training at the same time, we work hard to support the trainees and the training managers who mentor them. Scottish Legal News is pleased to remind law firms of our previous commitment to offer free advertising space for internships. With over 12,000 subscribers to our daily legal newsletter, SLN is Scotland`s premier source of legal information, jobs and events and the natural choice for businesses. Working directly with people seeking safety in Scotland over the last 6 months has made it clear to me that we need to question this. With every news story, when we see people crossing the Channel or being told they will be deported to Rwanda, we have to remember that these are stories and people`s lives. There are people who have fled their own country and often have to leave behind family members and loved ones, for the sole purpose of finding a place where they can finally be safe.

At times like these, it is very important that we all work together not only to protect the rights we have, but also to use the law to create a fairer country for all of us.

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