Recently, I reached out to my network of legal marketing professionals and asked them to share their good aspects. Before sharing what they had to say, I thought it would be appropriate to share my good sides as well. Silver Linings (professional): I feel like I`ve done one of the best jobs of my career. I just wish the world didn`t burn at the same time. However, legal marketing is full of distractions and well-meaning advocates who spend a lot of time and resources passionately explaining why these distractions (e.g., overpriced sponsorships, holiday parties, sports outings, lunches) are “essential” to their growth. None of these tactics are now available. Arguably, we are living through a case study that tests the hypotheses that one of these tactics was ever necessary. I`ve long been an advocate for digital marketing – social media, webinars, podcasts, videos, thought leaders – coupled with strong PR and strong media reach. That`s all we have now. And it works well. Finally, when we return to the Ray Bradbury Future State standard on the other side, I hope we can maintain the kind of measurable, limited-cost, resource-driven, and functional marketing structures that we`ve seen succeed in so many other industries. If there`s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for this claim that Antifa was somehow involved in the mob`s actions, it`s that it`s at least rooted in something resembling evidence.

Since then, the term “good side” (and “good side”) continues to be commonly used to refer to the positive aspects in less than ideal circumstances. The bright side of things in such a situation may be a general sense of hope, as in I know things are going wrong now, but you just wait, there will be a glimmer of hope for it all (meaning things are getting better). It is also commonly used to refer to a specific positive part of a negative situation, as in I Missed the Concert, but there was a positive side – I met your father in the parking lot that night. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “on the bright side”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. On the bright side, our existing vaccines and antibody therapies are probably still effective against the new strain. The poet John Milton wrote on a cloud with silver linings as early as 1637, but the first recordings of proverbs about clouds with silver linings date back to the 1800s. The phrase is often considered part of the saying: Every cloud has a glimmer of hope, which means that in every bad situation, there is hope or something good to be found.

In real life, if a cloud looks like it has shiny, silvery edges, it`s because the sun is behind it. It`s the metaphor: things are cloudy (bad), but they get sunny (positive) again – or you can at least enjoy the bright (positive) part in all the gloom. Silver Linings (professional): The time it takes to be physically with people for a meeting is also a silver lining. We can now have meetings almost instantly, no matter where people are. Which of the following words is least associated with a glimmer of hope? First-class legal representation. A reputable and experienced legal advisor you can count on. Positive side (personal): My positive side is having time to deepen friendships. Life is not so hectic and I don`t try to do as many activities.

Instead, I spend my time in social distancing situations with friends. While the pandemic has indeed had a positive impact on law firms that have been quick to adapt their approach, that doesn`t mean you can`t adjust your approach yet. Take a look at how your law firm can use these good sides now. And leave. But not like before. An element of hope or redemptive quality in an otherwise bad situation, as in The Rally had a disappointing turnout, but the silver lining was that those who came promised plenty of money. This metaphorical term is a shortening of Every Cloud Has a Glimmer of Hope, which in turn is derived from John Milton`s Comus (1634): “A cloud of sand reveals its silver glow on the night.” Good (personal) sides: Facilitating change and collaboration through the legal ecosystem was a personal positive, as was the comings and goings of the reigning U.S. national figure skating champion. On the positive side (personal): Catching up with groups of friends and family from a long-gone era via Zoom is a silver lining.

I now have regular Zoom calls with friends from college (several different groups), graduate school, former colleagues, and family members. My wife did the same with her friends and family from her past. Finding the glimmer of hope, withdrawal, crowdfunding, nunchucks, condemnation and despair When it comes to working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has a glimmer of hope. Law firms that have never had a single remote employee have now seen their entire staff working remotely for weeks. Working from home is now here to stay. Employees can enjoy the wellness and quality of life benefits that come with working from home, while law firms that support working from home benefit from a more productive workforce, lower turnover, happier employees, and possibly higher profits. Even then, most Montanese thought the issue was settled, and while the legal complexity of abortion was not fully clarified, even high school students had already opted for abortion. Ironically, by practicing the art of persuasive speech, there was no one left in the audience who could convince. The phrase is often used to encourage someone to be optimistic or “look at the positive side.” If someone is good at it, you might describe them as “always able to see the bright side of things.” A glimmer of hope is a sign of hope or a positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation.

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