As part of its SLAT 2022 program, Symbiosis International University has published its papers. To prepare for the SET law entrance exam, it is important to review the detailed curriculum that covers all topics and chapters. Candidates must answer 60 MCQ questions from 5 sections of the SLAT exam program according to the latest updates. Here are the key sections: A Modern Approach to Logical Thinking by R.S. Aggarwal, Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by A.P. Bhardwaj Here are the details of the SLAT curriculum and exam template. To learn more or more careers, join our website. We are happy to help. Visit the Testbook app for more tips and enjoy all the benefits it offers. For logical reasoning, the following topics are covered in the SLAT exam program.

It tests candidates` analytical skills as well as their ability to identify patterns, correct/logical arguments, and logical correlations. The SLAT 2023 curriculum includes the GK sections, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, legal reasoning and logical reasoning. SLAT Syllabus 2023 – Symbiosis International University (SIU) will publish the SLAT 2023 program in online mode at the time of publication of the application notification. The SLAT 2023 program includes topics and thematic topics of SLAT 2023. The SLAT 2023 program includes topics such as logical thinking, legal and analytical thinking, general knowledge, and reading comprehension. The SLAT 2023 audit will be tentatively conducted in May 2023. This article contains all the details about the SLAT 2023 program and recommended books. To prepare for the reasoning sections, browse the Logical Reasoning page to find more topics on basic concepts with detailed explanations and sample questions. Legal terms, history of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, duties, DPSP, parliament, judicial, executive and legislative, tort law, contract law, IPC, CRPC, liability, intellectual property rights, important acts and laws, legal events in the current scenario Candidates can also visit the linked article and get details about upcoming government exams, Actuality and general awareness as an important topic of the curriculum contain.

The SLAT Analytical Thinking program is as follows: Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey, Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal, As SLAT is intended for admission to law courses, you must be aware of law topics. The Legal Reasoning section tests your knowledge of legal concepts. To break through the GK part, read the newspapers daily, listen to news from reliable news channels such as Zee News, DD News, Times Now, books about GK and also books on general legal knowledge, will undoubtedly come in handy. This includes programs such as legal reasoning, legal knowledge, assertiveness, and argumentation. Symbiosis International University (SIU) has published the syllabus and model for the upcoming SLAT 2022 exam. In order for candidates to be prepared for SLAT 2022, they must have a good understanding of the SLAT exam program. The SLAT exam program is divided into 5 main sections: English Language, Logical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Legal Thinking, and General Knowledge.

In addition, the SLAT 2022 exam sample contains information about the assessment system, duration, number of questions, and many other aspects of the test. Now, to arrive at the program model, questions are asked to test logical thinking, legal thinking, analytical thinking, reading comprehension, and general knowledge of aspirants. Here, the program includes current affairs and the static program of GC SLAT is the same as that of AILET and CLAT. The only difference is that there are no direct math questions and the difficulty level is easy for all sections. Below are some topics about general intelligence and reasoning, on the basis of which questions are asked almost every year. Candidates can consult the links to effectively prepare for this section. Symbiosis International University is responsible for organizing the Symbiosis Law admission test each year. If you are attending SLAT 2022, it is important to follow the detailed program. SLAT stands for Symbiosis Law Aptitude Test. This is the entrance exam for admission to BA LLB and BBA LLB. It is offered by Symbiosis Law Schools (SLSs).

Symbiosis International University makes it happen. This is a computer-based test that is taken online. In this article, we will discuss all the information about the curriculum for SLAT. The Analytical Thinking section includes a total of 12 questions on 12 points. In this section, you will be tested primarily for analytical thinking. Just to give you a brief overview of these famous symbiosis law schools – all schools have designed their curriculum by legal professionals. The program is designed to take into account and on an equal footing with the latest developments in the legal world in India and around the world. The SLAT 2022 exam also includes a BAT section in their exam syllabus, also known as the Written Proficiency Test.

Here, candidates are invited to write a short essay on a variety of topics. As part of SLAT 2022, WAT assesses candidates` writing skills as well as their understanding of global news. If you follow all current events, you can write a specific paragraph based on this information. There is no specific program prescribed for the exam. This section mainly tests your logical thinking and reasoning skills. Previously, 15 questions were asked in this question, but now the number of questions is reduced to 12. Getting better grades doesn`t make you a scholar, but smart learning makes you a successful professional! You need to keep the basic concepts of the topics very clear and keep practicing.

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