I know this because one day they considered new internship applications in my presence. Proper formatting helps. Don`t do too much to brag about trivial non-achievements. I originally lived in Chennai. After doing an internship in an NGO and another in a law firm in Chennai, I felt ready to go a step further and gain experience in a new city. So Bangalore was my next move. You only need your CV at the time of application. So don`t hesitate if you don`t have the rest of the stuff I sent ready. You must submit a photo ID with your internship form when you participate in the internship.

It`s a small but well-equipped office that you`ll love from day one. The firm handles corporate work, real estate, start-up legal advice, intellectual property, labour disputes, family disputes, banking disputes and much of the litigation work. Originally, I signed up for a process internship, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed getting acquainted with almost all of these areas. The four partners Chintan Chinnappa, Vaishnavi Bhaskaran, Mahesh Arkalgud and Poornachandra Pattar were always reachable and incredibly approachable, as was employee Chandrika Bhadu. Disclaimer: Organizations should not ask interns to write articling experiences on Lawctopus. You also shouldn`t need to write an internship experience on Lawctopus for the articling student to receive a certificate. If you engage in such practices, the Lawctopus organization will be blacklisted. In this case, interns are requested to inquire at [email protected]. I would suggest finding internships together so you can work with a friend. It`s always helpful to have a familiar face around you and you could do a lot more. Although the number of court visits was low, I had no regrets as I had spent all the time of my previous internship at the court, and I felt that they saw no point in bringing a non-Kannada speaker to the court, where most of the communication was in Kannada quickly. It`s perfectly fine to have a simplified resume that shows you`re good at what you do and hope to improve.

I had sent a small letter of intent in the mail. I guess that helps too. If you don`t get a response from the website`s email ID, you can give [email protected] a chance, as Poornachandra Sir is the one who manages the internships for the company. You have clear goals and are looking for a summer internship program to help you achieve them. Find it on Spectrum, named one of WayUp`s top 100 internship programs in the United States. Our internships are designed to offer: I had visited their website and was really impressed with the sophisticated nature of their website. It was quite easy to find the email ID for correspondence (click HERE). I had sent my resume, photo ID and letters of recommendation from previous internships to [email protected]. They responded very quickly and I was asked to contact Mr.

Poornachandra Pattar for clarification. When I contacted Poorna Sir, I had the opportunity to confirm the dates of my internship and answer any questions I had at the time. Disclaimer: Articling experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and are usually personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus` official opinions on the internship. We also don`t process internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern`s voice remains intact. The higher you go and the higher you go in reputable companies and the bigger you climb the internship ladder, it becomes increasingly difficult to face your boss face-to-face, let alone discuss your contributions and questions with him in detail. My main research task was to compare the old arbitration law with the 2015 amending rules, which was an invaluable learning experience given that almost the entire law has been revised. The weather during my stay was exceptionally miserable, so I stayed mostly indoors, but Bangalore is a city full of opportunities for foodies, gamblers, music fanatics and basically anyone who loves it all. I learned a lot, even through simple discussions and conversations with them. From improving my research skills to filling out access to information and appeals requests, I have been pushed to work on different types of topics and areas of law, which I have yet to do formally at university. We had a TV and fridge, as well as an attached bathroom in our room and an iron wardrobe each. Bed linen, pillows, buckets and cups must be brought by us.

There was an adjoining kitchen where you could cook. Housekeepers regularly provided housekeeping services. There were communal washing machines on the terrace and a canteen where packaged food was also available. I always had enough to do while I was at work and was quickly assigned something when I had completed the previous assignment. In addition, it is a valuable experience to be able to communicate with the senior partners of a company where you are doing an internship in your second year. Although I had family in Bangalore, I decided to stay in a PG. Trust me to live alone in a new city really completed my experience and I recommend it to anyone testing water in a new city. The office was located on Promenade Road in Fraser Town. So I decided to google PG in the area. Benefits include professional development sessions, networking opportunities and mentorship. First of all, since there were so few people at work, I was given enough and more time slots to work with each of the partners on different tasks, who were all very experienced employees and full of things to share and give.

By chance, I came across the contact number of Nirmal (9611077799), which has a number of paid guesthouses all over Bangalore. When I told him the address of the Spectrum Bureau, he suggested the nearest NG. Throughout the month I spent with the company, I really felt like a part of Spectrum and was very hesitant to leave. Working hours were from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and weekends were free. Since the business has just started, it`s pretty unreasonable to expect a scholarship, so I didn`t have too much hope at first. For those of you wondering, yes, this is THE Chintan Chinnappa, lead guitarist of death/thrash metal band Inner Sanctum. Also, one of the partners here is an NLU-J alumnus and was therefore one of the staff members, which was an added bonus to increase the comfort factor for me. Spectrum is a suite of advanced broadband services offered by Charter Communications, Inc.

Spectrum offers a full range of services, including Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, ® Spectrum Voice® and Spectrum Mobile®. ® It`s like getting a piece of insider history for all intents and purposes and actually seeing what makes a successful law firm. Vaishnavi ma`am and Chandrika ma`am are both NLU-J alumni and made it much easier for me to adapt.

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