If you`re running out of gas while driving, it`s always a hassle that everyone fears, but fill your tank before driving through Youngstown, Ohio. Here, motorists can receive an administrative infraction ticket if they are on the side of the road without fuel. Talk about adding an insult to the injury. In 1418, it was officially forbidden to sink the islands. I would like to know how that is possible, or probably enough for legislation to be passed on this. In 1973, New Hampshire banned transporting or collecting seaweed on the beach at night. It is said that in colonial times, seaweed was used as fertilizer and was therefore a hot commodity. It`s amazing how many U.S. laws don`t make sense. For example, I found it strange that my marriage proposal asked me if we were “first cousins or closer.” I mean, who would want to marry their first cousin? Wouldn`t it “ruin” the mood to remember things like catching bats in the attic or sticking your lips to the wall? I would say. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to see exactly how many stupid laws there were. Not surprisingly, most of them were about sex – what can be done (vaginal sex only), who can do it (married people) and how (missionary status). I do not know why the legislator felt the need to do everything possible to prohibit these things.

On the other hand, they also passed laws prohibiting taking a lion to the movies (Maryland) and trying to clone yourself (Arizona), so you never know. To that end, here are some of the U.S. laws I`ve found that just don`t make sense. Since each state has its own kind of strangeness, I went through all 50. I hope you don`t mind. While waking up a sleeping bear will likely have its own immediate consequences, Alaska has taken the initiative to prohibit the action by law. I think we can all agree that we won`t be eager to break this law anytime soon anyway. Gossip is a common, though probably tasteless, activity that involves people of all ages. However, if you`re caught saying something rude behind someone`s back or discussing their life in Indiana, you could end up with a criminal record. If you live in Pennsylvania, don`t try to sell your child.

State law states that “a person is guilty of a first-degree offense if he acts humanely in acting, exchanging, exchanging, exchanging, buying, selling, or dealing with young children.” What happens with the long face? In Milan, the law forces you to smile. It is prescribed by an ordinance of the city of the Austro-Hungarian era, which has never been repealed. If you are a live artist in Billings, Montana, you need perseverance: you are required by law to remain on stage for the duration of your performance. The law states that “no artist or artist, male or female, may leave this platform or area while entertaining or performing.” Kansaners don`t mess with their cherry pie. At one point, it was illegal in the state to put a scoop of ice cream on a piece of cherry pie. According to Kansas` secretary of state, it`s unclear how this law came about or if it`s still technically in effect, but — fortunately for dessert lovers — it`s not enforced. In 2012, the state passed a law dubbed “Sip and Spit” that allows cooking students under the age of 21 to legally taste alcoholic beverages (by sipping and spitting), based on the reasoning that students must learn to taste wine in their early years of cooking school. Kudos to a well-rounded, or should we say, full-bodied learning experience! In Zion, it is illegal to give your pet a lit cigar.-In Chicago, you are not allowed to eat in a burning place.-In Oblong, it is illegal for a man to wear his wife`s panties on Sundays unless he has received permission from the bishop beforehand. It`s one of those laws that really makes you scratch your head and think, “There must be a story here.” Unfortunately, it is likely that it was lost because of the vine and we are left with this strange dairy rule. However, there are no written laws for permanent sleep.

It has been argued that cooking students should know their wine well and that this would be an important factor in providing a valuable education. Thus, the state passed the Sip and Pit Act, which allows cooking students to taste wine as long as they then spit it out so they can understand this crucial area of their education. These are just some of the strangest and most absurd laws in this country. They are (usually) not enforced, but you`d be surprised how often something strange stays “in the books” because no one thinks of removing it. I have most of dumblaws.com and stupidlaws.com. For more fun, check out wackylaws.blogspot.com and funcage.com. What are the dumbest laws you`ve heard of? Do you have any explanations for that? Have you ever broken any of them? If so, congratulations. They have just made history. However, a revision of the Electricity Security Act of 1998 updated the Act. A spokeswoman for Energy Safe Victoria said: “Although the Electrical Safety Act prohibits the use of one`s own electrical work if you are not authorised, changing a light bulb and removing an outlet from an outlet has been explicitly exempted from this requirement under Council Regulation G17.” Other crazy laws across the country include articles about whiskers and especially food.

In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that provokes laughter in church, while whiskers are illegal in Indiana if the wearer tends to kiss other people habitually. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve butter substitutes in prison; in Utah, it is illegal NOT to drink milk; and don`t sleep in a South Dakota cheese shop. A generous act in Louisiana could backfire – you could be fined $500 if you send a pizza order to someone`s home without their knowledge. In 1897, the House of Representatives passed a bill to make Pi 3 instead of 3.1415. It still has to be voted on in the Senate.-A man cannot be sexually aroused in public.-Counterfeit checks can be punished by publicly flogging up to 100 lashes. Although technically illegal, Arkansas has passed laws that “discourage” mispronunciation of its name. Better not to try to pronounce phonetically Arkansas – the provision explicitly states that “pronunciation with the stress on the second syllable with the sound of `a` in `man` and the sound of the terminal `s` is an innovation that should be discouraged.” It`s not clear how this bizarre law came about, but according to California.com, the city of Berkeley, California, prohibits anyone from whistling for their lost canary until the early hours of 7 a.m.

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