How can I find out the admission requirements for a school? Many high schools in the neighborhood have advanced academic programs, including AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) courses. Almost all of them also have vocational and technical training (ETC) programmes. See the ETC section in this guide and individual school profiles that show which programs each school offers. The district directory summarizes locations by area of interest. But budget cuts have taken a toll on schools, so it`s wise to check the robustness of an advertised program. New to New York City public schools and need a high school for your child now? Find out what you can do on our New Students page. Yes. County officials want the online-only system to help convince all students and families to seek advice on their options. This new process has resulted in an increase in the number of students exercising their right to choose a school from 12,000 in 2014 to 15,000 in 2015 and 17,000 in 2016. Printed copies are currently being delivered in 10 languages to schools, early childhood programs, libraries and other locations. All deliveries are expected to be completed by mid-October.

I can`t wait to go to high school. How do I get started? Admission methods are how programs make offers to students; They also outline what you need to do to be considered for a program. In most cases, you only need to list the program in your application. When you apply for high school, you`re not just applying for schools: you`re applying for programs. Think of a program as a gateway to school. If a school has multiple programs, you can apply for more than one program at that school. For example, a school may have an arts program and a technology program; If you are interested in both dance and computer science, you can apply for both programs at the same school. They would count as two different program options. Use filters to narrow your search to schools with specific characteristics: Transfer schools are academically rigorous high schools designed for students between the ages of 16 and 21 who want to graduate. If you`ve dropped out of school or missed your credits, a transfer school can help you get back on track to graduate. Some schools accept 15-year-olds, and many transfer schools are flexible in the people they admit.

We support student success at these schools through a matching process during individual admissions interviews. District 75 provides highly specialized classroom support for students with significant challenges, such as autism spectrum disorders, significant cognitive delays, emotional disorders, sensory impairments and multiple disabilities. This support is offered in a variety of settings and locations across New York City, including specialized classes in District 1-32 schools, school buildings where all students have IEPs, general education classrooms, agencies, hospitals, and homes. No later than the beginning of Grade 7. Selective high schools look at Grade 7 attendance, scores, and test scores to determine who qualifies to participate. Your high school offer letter also includes information about waiting lists, including a list of all the programs for which you are on the waiting list – learn more on our Waitlists page. How can you know your chances of getting an offer for a particular high school program? It is useful to first learn how offers are made. Students receive offers for programs based on a few key factors.

You can control some of these factors, while others are aspects of the programs themselves. Keep in mind that applying to schools that match your academic achievements and professional interests will increase your chances of admission. Admission decisions are accepted, rejected or placed on the waiting list. If an application is rejected, a justification for this decision shall be given in the notification letter. If I intend to go to my local school, do I still have to complete the online application? What is the difference between a special admission and a citywide high school? In New York City, students apply for high school in their eighth grade. Current ninth-graders (who do not repeat the ninth grade) also have the opportunity to apply to programs with tenth grade places. Learn more by watching our video series and scroll down to get the latest information and updates. Here are some ways to learn more about your high school options: This guide and the district`s online directory include admission requirements for each high school. Your counsellor or teachers can also explain the admission requirements for the schools you are interested in. All secondary schools are encouraged to offer families the opportunity to learn more about their schools.

This year, the application process will be exclusively online. Students and their families will be able to access an app on the district`s website starting September 29. All Grade 8 students, including those intending to attend their local school, are invited to participate in the selection process. Applications will be accepted until November 14 at 5pm. Families can access more information about schools at the district learning network regional offices, as well as computers to complete the online application. Parents will be redirected to the district website where they can obtain school profiles. They can also use computers in their local library branches. Yes. The school district compiles a list of dates for high school open houses. The schedule will be posted on the district`s website.

You can also contact schools directly to inquire about the date and time of their open house or other places to visit. Some schools allow prospective students to join current students for a day to get a feel for what school is all about. If you receive a decision on a waiting list for special schools, you meet the school`s criteria, but there is no space available due to space constraints. In this case, there is a chance that you will be admitted, so keep in touch with the school`s principal and/or counselor. In October, we hold virtual information sessions on admission to secondary and specialized schools. At each event, we will explain how to use MySchools to create a balanced app, as well as when and how to apply. We will also talk about specialized secondary schools. After the presentation, we will answer your questions. For selected programs, students are divided into five groups according to grade seven and accepted in group order, starting with group 1.

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