If an application for Route 1 is not possible, the applicant must submit their application to Route 2. Route 2 documents are as follows: If you suspect that you have been presented with a false identity or documents at the time of application, do not proceed with the application process. The cost of performing a standard DBS check on a paid position is £23 (the same as a basic check) and £40 for an advanced audit. An administrative fee may be charged by the organization submitting the application to DBS. Of the different types of DBS control, the basic control provides the least information. This is a criminal record check that can be done for any position or for any purpose. The certificate, which is issued following a thorough review, provides details of convictions and conditional warnings deemed not to have been issued under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Addition of Welsh annexes to identity audit guidelines for DBS audit requests and countersignature requests. You are also advised that under section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, all employers in the UK are required to carry out basic documentary checks to prevent anyone from working illegally. The documents required depend on the route taken by the application. The applicant must first attempt to provide Route 1 documents. Some sentences are excluded from rehabilitation and are therefore always disclosed, for example prison sentences of more than 4 years. However, prison sentences of less than 4 years are served after a few years, with conditional warnings after only 3 months.

In addition, simple precautions are not displayed in a basic DBS check because they are issued immediately. At least one of the documents must contain the applicant`s current address. If the applicant is unable to provide these documents, fingerprints may be required. For more information on verifying birth certificates, see the HM Passport Office General Register Office Guide to birth certificates. The applicant must first attempt to provide Route 1 documents. If the applicant is unable to do so, they must continue the routes until they can do so. Documents must be originals and not copies. At least one of the documents must contain the applicant`s current address. DBS countersigners do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of what a “medium confidence” test entails.

Inspection organizations can ensure that they meet the standards outlined in the guidelines. The documents needed for DBS verification typically include a primary identification document, such as a valid passport or driver`s license, and two other documents, one of which includes proof of address. There are also various documents that can be presented if an applicant is not in possession of a passport or driver`s license. If you cannot print your documents on time, please still come with access to the digital copy on a phone or tablet. We know that organizing DBS documents is not always easy. We are happy to help! The eligibility tool does not cover all positions, so to clarify which audit you can request, you can also email DBS customer service at customerservices@dbs.gov.uk or call them on 03000 200 190 between Monday and Friday (8am to 6pm) and Saturday (10am to 5pm). There are no admission requirements for a basic DBS exam. However, if you ask a potential employee to request a standard or extended DBS check, you must first check whether the position is eligible for audit under the relevant legislation. If a candidate is unable to provide these documents, they will not be able to submit a DBS exam. Indeed, the right to work in the United Kingdom cannot be established. You cannot use any other route. Non-UK nationals who are entitled to a DBS cheque and receive remuneration for work, even if it is a benefit, such as a carer, must use paid commuting.

Formerly known as CRB audits, a designated disclosure team conducts DBS audits that result in a certificate being issued to each individual. Employers then use the certificate to check a potential employee`s criminal record. In this way, an employer can ensure that they recruit appropriate people for their organization and help ensure that inappropriate people do not work with children or vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Payment must be made within 10 days of submission of the application, as the application will not be processed until payment has been made, even if the position is for a volunteer.

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