The film originally ended at the courthouse, just after Woods won the case, with Elle on the steps of the courthouse sharing a victory kiss with Emmett, then cutting a year into the future to see her with a now-blonde Vivian form their own blonde legal defense club at law school. After the test audience revealed that they didn`t like the ending, McCullah Lutz and Smith consulted Luketic, Platt and other members of the production team while they were still in the lobby of the theater, and they agreed that a new conclusion was needed. “It was just a weak ending,” said screenwriter McCullah Lutz. “The kiss didn`t feel right to me because it`s not a romantic comedy – it wasn`t about their relationship. So the test viewers said, “We want to see what happens – we want her to succeed. That`s why we rewrote for graduation. Ubach and Jessica Cauffiel claim that the original ending also included Elle and Vivian drinking margaritas in Hawaii, implying that they were either best friends now or in love, although Smith and McCullah never wrote such an ending.[31] Other suggested endings for the film included a musical number in which She, the judge, the jury and everyone in the courthouse sang and danced. [13] Callahan initially seems impressed with Elle Woods because she is surprisingly intelligent when she concludes that Enrique Salvatore (who lied when he testified he was having an affair with Brooke) was gay and exposed the fact in court and weakened the case against Windham. But when he asks Elle to talk to him alone in a room, he hits her, which makes him realize that he was only impressed with her because he wanted to sleep with her, forcing Elle to leave the room, while Vivien (who mistakenly overheard part of their conversation that She had willingly had sex with Callahan) to give her a place in the case) angrily asks why she doesn`t not just joined the jury, which led Elle to almost leave Harvard and go home. However, she is inspired by her friend Paulette Bonafonté and Professor Stromwell to return to the case. Meanwhile, Emmett tells Richmond, Callahan`s junior partner Brooke and Vivien what Callahan has done, and Brooke fires him and replaces him with Elle, who discovers that Chutney Windham is the real killer, wins the case, and clears Brooke of all charges. Callahan is eventually fired from his company and school.

A few deleted scenes on the special DVD have one in which there was a report that Chutney committed suicide in prison on the morning of Elle`s graduation. Also in the same prison, Enrique is in prison for perjury in Brooke`s trial, along with his new cellmate, Professor Callahan, who was sentenced to prison for raping one of his students and trainees. “When I got to law school, the hardest days, I watched the movie and laughed,” Shalyn Smith, a California law student and president of the sorority, said in an interview with People magazine. [54] “It embodies the struggle for what is right, to remain true to oneself and to overcome adversity. It`s crazy that a movie can do that, you know? [54] Everyone is present to witness Elle`s first day, including Paulette and Kyle (now a couple), Margot, Serena, Pilar, and the other Delta Nus. Brooke`s daughter-in-law, Chutney, testified that when she got out of the shower, she saw Brooke standing on her father`s body covered in blood. When asked what she did earlier in the day, Chutney reveals that she had a perm, and she realizes a flaw in Chutney`s alibi – she wouldn`t have been able to shower the same day she received a perm, otherwise her hair would have flattened. As her perm is still intact, she obviously lied about her alibi.

During intense interrogation of Elle, Chutney accidentally reveals that she killed her father and mistakes him for Brooke. She wins the case and Brooke is released. Warner tries to ask Elle, but she kindly refuses because she has earned her independence and desire to be the best she can be (“Find My Way”). Legally Blonde is a 2001 American drama film directed by Robert Luketic. It stars Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Victor Garber and Jennifer Coolidge. The story follows Elle Woods (Witherspoon), a sister who tries to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III (Davis) by earning a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, overcoming stereotypes against blondes, and triumphing as a successful lawyer. Contrary to what is shown in the film, Woods would not be able to question a witness on the witness stand during a criminal trial, W. Bradley Wendel, a law professor at Cornell Law School, explained in his book Professional Responsibility: Examples & Explanations. [48] Here`s a trick I learned from someone else in college: a director gave the actor who played a rightfully rich person a bag of sunflower seeds and told them to spit the shells on the floor, the director asked someone else to clean the shells. It was a good exercise for the actor to learn what it`s like to be taken care of, to feel powerful.

Amanda Brown published Legally Blonde in 2001 and was based on her real-life experiences as a blonde who attended Stanford Law School while she was obsessed with fashion and beauty, reading Elle magazine and frequently colliding with the personalities of her peers. [6] The “bend and snap” scene, in which Elle Paulette explains how she attracts the attention of her crush, almost did not appear in the film. [29] “[Producer] Marc Platt wanted a B-plot for Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge),” McCullah Lutz told Entertainment Weekly. “At first, we thought, `Should we rob the store?` Co-writer Kirsten Smith said: “I think we spent a week or two figuring out what the B-plot and this big setting should be. There were criminal conspiracies. We pitched scene by scene and everything seemed very weird in terms of sound. [29] Part of what bothers Callahan so much is that he is played by the cute Victor Garber. Garber was a theater star before working in film and television, and he played many cunning characters in his time.

One of the few guys standing he played unintentionally caused the deaths of hundreds of people. You may have already seen Victor Garber here.

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