Police Records: These Illinois State Police, county sheriff, or local police department documents must be signed by an officer of that office and their signature must be notarized. We currently certify most forms of documents, including: All other documents: Must be up-to-date, certified true copy or notarized by an Indiana notary. Most documents must be notarized; However, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and birth certificates must be certified true copies. Below are some of the requirements of the Lieutenant Governor of HAWAII for apostille documents or the issuance of an authentication certificate. The Lieutenant Governor is the Secretary of State of the State of Hawaii. If you are unable to provide any of the documents in one of the tables on this page, please contact your local branch as there may be other forms of identification. Corporate documents: Company documents must be a certified true copy issued by the Department of Commerce (emails/printed copies of Commerce will not be accepted) Educational materials: transcripts, diplomas and other academic letters – Transcripts and diplomas must be issued by certified schools in Wisconsin and by a school official such as a principal, a chair, dean, registrar, secretary or school trustee. This does not apply to transcripts and diplomas created by parents or by students who were homeschooled – you must obtain these documents from the Department of Public Instruction. Transcripts must include a date, signature, printed name, and the title of the school official (see above for examples of the school leader). Diplomas must be issued by Wisconsin certified schools and must be the original, a duplicate of the original (ordered from the school) or a certified true copy made by the school on its letterhead and signed by the school official (see above for examples of the school official). Other letters written by a school must be signed and printed, dated by a school official and written on school letterhead.

It has become common for banks to employ a notary in most of their branches. There are many U.S. banks that provide notarization services at the request of their customers. If this is not your current bank branch, you can simply contact the federal branch manager and he will direct you to a local branch of the bank that has a notary on site. The lists of all major central banks that certify documents include: Educational documents: School records can be notarized by a notary appointed by Rhod Island. We will return all documents you send us within 7 days. Educational Documents: All academic documents must be notarized by the school from which the academic documents originated or have a copy of the diploma certified as an authentic and correct photocopy before being sent to us for the apostille. Academic documents: Academic records, such as diplomas and transcripts issued by universities or accredited schools, must be notarized copies of academic records issued by the school registrar. Corporate documents: We can process the request for certified copies of corporate documents such as clearance certificate and certified true copies of company documents with apostille. Court documents: These must be certified copies issued by the court and include the date, signature, name of the official confirming the record and the seal of the court. Educational documents: The registrar or other school authority must sign a typed statement on the back of the diploma or transcript.

The wording of this statement indicates that the diploma or transcript is either the original proof issued by the school or a copy of the original document issued by the school and the date of issue. The signature of the head of the school is attested by a notary. The notary declares that he saw the head of the school sign the document. If the school does not issue a diploma for international students, the student must receive a notarized letter from the registrar or other educational authority. This letter must state that the student has met the requirements for completion of this school, but the school does not issue diplomas to international students. This letter is notarized in the same way as other notarized school documents. Copies of the documents may be certified by one of the following: Educational documents: Notarization of original school records requires the school official to sign an affidavit in the presence of the notary. Notarization of a photocopy of the original school certificate requires the owner of the original document to sign an affidavit on the photocopy in the presence of a notary. An identity search has no influence on your creditworthiness.

Therefore, if you are making actual copies of your original documents, be sure to confirm your document with someone who already has experience in this field. It`s best if the person you choose for your certification has no relationship with you. Some of the most important people who have the legal authority to certify documents are: Court documents: Court documents such as the divorce decree must be a certified copy of the clerk of the district court where the divorce was registered. Vital Records: Must be an original certified copy of the New York Vital Statistics Office. Civil status records must first be certified by a New York State official or county clerk. Vital statistics records published by the New York City Department of Health must also be illustrated. Educational documents: The original diploma or a photocopy of a diploma may be apostilled. Any notary in Florida can notarize a copy of the diploma using the notarial certified copy form. If you need to apostille an original diploma, the original diploma must be notarized by the school`s registrar.

You will need to request a notarized original from the school. GED certificates must also be signed by the school registrar and the registrar`s signature must be notarized. Or we accept 1 document from the list of names and one document from the list of current proof of address if you apply to an agency or return your documents to us by mail. To request an apostille with a “copy” of a document, a notarized affidavit stating that the document is an “authentic copy” of the original is required.

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