“We had photographic evidence of (celestial lanterns) landing on people`s properties or rooftops,” Cann said. Costa Rican health authorities ban sky lanterns The Tico Times – November 2015 “Fire reported shortly after midnight on New Year`s Eve completely destroyed two homes and damaged others” Sky lanterns are small paper balloons with an opening at the bottom for a candle or fuel tank and are fired into the air. Usually, during holiday celebrations or special events. Because they have floating open flames, they can be considered a fire hazard, city officials said. Sky Lanterns Illegal in Maine Maine State Fire Marshal – 2015 “These lanterns are often used for weddings or memorial services. However, they blow where the wind takes them and can cause fires if they land on something flammable. Maine law does not permit the use, sale, or possession of celestial lanterns in the state. Thai authorities threaten Sky Lantern fans with the death penalty The Guardian – November 2014 “Some airlines have cancelled flights and others have changed their flight schedules during the festival. Bangkok has taken 2,000 police officers to the streets and set up checkpoints, with parts of the city banning the sale of fireworks and lanterns, according to the Bangkok Post.Flintshire councillors call for a ban on Chinese lanterns Daily Post UK – September 2011 “A grandfather joins calls for a ban on Chinese lanterns after his grandson was burned almost alive by one of them. She was far enough away and ran just in time to pull the lantern from her son`s tent where she had landed while she was still on fire” Sky Lanterns – Fire Danger Falls from the Sky Moraga-Orinda Fire District, California – July 2013 “The Moraga-Orinda Fire District prohibits the use of sky lanterns. People who use Celestial Lanterns with a resulting fire may be held financially liable for all firefighting costs in addition to property damage or medical expenses resulting from injuries resulting from the fire. While Michigan`s sky lanterns are not classified as fireworks but aerial candles, state officials have urged residents to pay attention to them, as well as bottled rockets and Roman candles, after the state`s Fireworks Act of 2011 eased restrictions on user-friendly devices that leave the ground. Sky Lanterns Banned Times of Malta – December 2009 “In a statement, the authority said that celestial lanterns, also known as wish lanterns, were classified as dangerous and posed a serious risk to consumers.” Some people are led to believe that celestial lanterns are environmentally friendly.

As you can see in this photo, this is not true. Dead owl found trapped in a Chinese lantern. Calls to ban `dangerous` Chinese lanterns Horse & Hound – July 2013 “A terrible fire in the West Midlands caused by a Chinese lantern has sparked new calls for a ban from the British Horse Society and the County Land and Business Association.” The bill would ban the sale of sky lanterns as a fire hazard Associated Press – November 2013 “The National Association of State Fire Marshals calls them uncontrolled fire hazards because the wind decides where the lanterns are deposited,” said New Hampshire President and Fire Marshal Bill Degnan. Dylan Woolley, director of Pro Fireworks in Taylor, opposes the ban on sky lanterns and says he has not received any complaints about it in his store. The Philippine Fire Protection Bureau reminds the public sky lanterns Ban Barako Newsline – December 2013 “Sky lanterns are considered open-air lanterns. It should be staffed and monitored. A tank cushion usually stays on for five minutes, which causes the celestial lantern to rise half a mile. They often land miles away from the moment they were released, with their flame extinguished and only the outside remains. Fires started by celestial lanterns usually occur during their ascent.

Some have landed on his property over the years, although none have yet been illuminated. He said he had seen celestial lanterns on fire on other properties. New York State Fire Prevention and Control OFPC Safety Alert – May 2012 “The Office of Fire Prevention and Control considers that skylights meet the definition of recreational fires as defined in section 302.1 of the Fire Code and, therefore, these devices require a constant presence, as required by section 307.5 of the Fire Code. » Celestial lanterns (Chinese paper lanterns) are not environmentally friendly BBC News – October 2011 “An owl was apparently found dead after getting entangled in a Chinese lantern on a farm in Gloucestershire. Michigan residents who want to start fireworks need to make sure they know which days it`s legal to do so in their local community. Michigan`s Public Act 256 was amended in December 2018, giving local government agencies — villages, townships, and cities — the right to restrict days and times for their residents to use consumer fireworks by issuing a local ordinance. CHARLEVOIX – As the summer festival season approaches, Charlevoix officials want to remind everyone that the start of celestial lanterns is banned in the city after city council released the new ordinance earlier this month. A growing number of communities in the Detroit metropolitan area, especially downrivers, are banning the use of popular celestial lanterns for fear that floating fires will start unintentional fires. Celestial lanterns “look pretty, but don`t use them. You send a fireball to who knows where,” Marrs said. “It`s our bestseller,” he said.

“We don`t sell too many fireworks anymore, but we have a lot of people buying celestial lanterns.” Cann believes it`s important for Allen Park to join other downstream communities in banning sky lanterns. Kris Marrs, who is a firefighter in West Bloomfield Township but lives in Allen Park, supports the ban on sky lanterns in his city. Celestial lanterns ignite the cell tower of forest fires today – 8. May 2015 “What could go wrong when dozens of sky lanterns or fireballs were dropped from Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, North Carolina last weekend? The wind blew some of them into a cell phone tower and ignited it just out of reach of the water cannon of the Union Road Fire Department volunteer fire truck. Here`s a practical guide to what`s legal and what`s not: The FAA has raised concerns about using floating lanterns because they can be sucked into aircraft engines. Farmer gets compensation after Red Nose Day balloon kills cow The Telegraph – May 2011 “Agricultural and conservation groups are calling for a ban on the mass release of Chinese balloons and lanterns because of the deadly threat they pose to livestock and other wildlife. The thin thread it contained had pierced his esophagus. She had spent 48 long and painful hours choking on her own food. Similar to dropped balloons, celestial lanterns all return to Earth as garbage.

They are often marketed as “biodegradable” or “environmentally friendly”, both of which are fake. Celestial lanterns are made from processed paper, wires and/or a bamboo ring. They can travel miles and always end up as dangerous garbage. Celestial lanterns have caused huge structural fires and forest fires. This burning air waste has caused severe burns in humans, killing the animals that eat it or get caught up in their fallen remains. Fire Sheds Light on Illegal Chinese Lanterns Post Bulletin – July 2013 “The fire damaged the rubber membrane of the roof, which shone when firefighters arrived around 9:20 p.m.,” Mueller said. Employees of the department recovered the lanterns from the roof; Several others were found nearby, he said. Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law in 2011 that made it legal to sell and use more powerful explosives such as fireworks and certain consumer-grade devices that shoot in the air, such as bottled rockets and Roman candles.

The law allows Michigan residents to unload fireworks from consumers the day before, on, and the day after a national holiday. Allen Park is the latest to consider an ordinance that would free his sky from lanterns. Other communities such as Lincoln Park, Melvindale and Wyandotte have issued similar bans.

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