(6) It is the duty of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to submit to the Legislative Budget Office and the State Finance Officer such data and information as may be necessary to enable the Legislative Budget Office and the State Finance Officer to budget and distribute funds necessary to pay sworn officers of the Department of Public Safety in accordance with the requirements of the salary range. Such data and information may be amended from time to time, as required, to reflect the current number and experience of sworn officers employed by the Department. (1) the salaries of all Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol officers who have trained at an authorized highway patrol training school for general law enforcement and serve as sworn highway patrol officers in the law enforcement of the State of Mississippi, including service in the driver`s license department and sworn officers of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics; are determined and paid in accordance with the Officer`s Pay Schedule, as set out in this subsection: “We need more soldiers along the coast. You know the coast is a densely populated area, and we`re not yet at the top of staffing across the country, but we want high-quality candidates deployed to our next patrol school, and you can be anywhere, from retail or previous law enforcement.” Robertson said. Zum 1. In July, the ministry increased the starting salary for new employees. The starting salary is now $50,000 per year, compared to $39,140 per year. BAXTER KRUGER APPOINTED DIRECTOR OF MISSISSIPPI`S BUREAU OF HOMELAND SECURITY Today, Commissioner Sean Tindell announced the appointment of Baxter Kruger as Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Homeland Security. Prior to joining the Mississippi Bureau of Homeland Security, Kruger served as Assistant U.S.

Attorney (AUSA) for the Southern District of Mississippi, Criminal Division. In this capacity, he prosecuted a variety of criminal cases, ranging from violent to white-collar crimes. Kruger continued to serve as a judge advocate for the Mississippi Army National Guard. As a private, Kruger served in combat arms and as a lawyer, deployed to the Middle East with the 155th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, and served domestically as part of Task Force COVID-19. Kruger erwarb seinen J.D. 2015 an der Mississippi College School of Law und 2010 seinen B.A. an der University of Mississippi. Er erhielt eine umfassende juristische Ausbildung in Bundesstrafpraxis am National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina, und in Militärrechtspraxis am Judge Advocate General`s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Er ist an allen Gerichten in Mississippi zugelassen, einschließlich des Southern District Court of Mississippi, des Northern District Court of Mississippi und des Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Neben der Ernennung von Director Kruger wurde James Brinson zum stellvertretenden Direktor des Mississippi Office of Homeland Security ernannt.

Brinson war zuvor als Operations Director des Mississippi Office of Homeland Security tätig und verfügt über 17 Jahre einschlägige Erfahrung. “Director Kruger`s background, including his extensive legal and military experience, makes him an excellent addition to the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. Under Director Kruger`s leadership, the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security will continue to work with state, local, and federal personnel to support the mission of protecting our state`s citizens and resources. Today, we celebrate the women of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and the women who inspire and influence us every day. Happy International Women`s Day! #internationalwomensday2022 awesome guy!!! He deserves it!!! Done HE DESERVES IT!! 5. In each subsequent financial year 1. In July 2015, the State Personnel Council will amend the above-mentioned salary scale to provide for the same percentage or increase in dollars for State employees whose remuneration is paid by the General State Heritage Fund, subject to a specific allocation of funds by the legislature. Commissioner Sean Tindell and Colonel Randy Ginn discussed the next cadet class for certified officers on SuperTalk this morning.

If you are considering applying, there is excellent information in the interview. Contactez-mhprecruiting@dps.ms.gov to learn more, or visit pursuethecall.mhp.ms.gov to download a PDF app. Congratulations and thank you for serving the woman. “Troop K covers six counties. We have a broad area of responsibility at the national level. If you are on the coast and want to move and go somewhere else, you can do that. Transfers happen all the time,” Robertson said. BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – Are you looking for a career in law enforcement? The Mississippi Highway Patrol is now recruiting people for Class 67 cadets. The class prepares those who enter to become state soldiers. According to Public Information Officer Corporal Cal Robertson, no previous experience is required. (2) All sworn officers of the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics employed full-time shall be paid in accordance with the above table.

The grade and years of experience of each sworn staff member to be taken into consideration for the determination of salary shall be determined by the grade and years of experience on 1 July of the current financial year. (3) For the purposes of the above scale rank designation, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is subject to the following occupational classifications of the State Personnel Board: Prior to joining the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Ms. Jones served as general counsel for the Mississippi Department of Corrections and Assistant District Attorney in the Hinds County District Attorney`s Office.

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