We have successfully defended and acquitted naval sailors around the world, including Naval Base Norfolk. Check out our case results to learn more. Naval Station Norfolk is a United States Navy base located in Norfolk, Virginia. NS Norfolk, also known as Norfolk Naval Base, is the largest naval station in the world, supporting 75 ships and 134 aircraft, as well as 14 docks and 11 aircraft hangars, and home to the largest concentration of U.S. naval forces. NS Norfolk is also home to the Navy`s busiest military justice and court martial. Our firm has defended Navy clients around the world and we are not afraid of high-profile cases. Although the charge has not yet been favoured, Mr. Waddington can intervene at the outset of the investigation. He is more than just a lawyer. He served as an officer and member of the army.

He is able to understand his customers without any problems. With him, you can come to your court martial confidently, prepared and knowledgeable. Membership is by invitation only and limited to highly experienced defense attorneys who have a decade of experience defending criminal clients, where they must have defended 50 or more criminal cases and won 35 or more jury trials. Unlike most civil defense attorneys or your assigned Navy attorney, a guilty plea is an option of last resort. Our lawyers let the U.S. Navy prove their case without a doubt. We take almost all cases to court and fight allegations before a military body. If you or a loved one is facing military charges, please contact our military defense attorneys for free advice on how we can help you. The base has existed for almost 100 years when it was commissioned in 1917.

After only one year of construction, the base was home to more than 34,000 conscripts. It is one of the few bases that has grown fairly steadily since its inception. During World War I, he was responsible for training a large number of naval aviators, and during World War II, he grew again and again played an important role in the war effort. In addition, Mr. Waddington was voted super lawyer in Georgia and is ranked superb on AVVO.com. Some of Waddington`s cases have been turned into documentaries, such as “Killings at the Canal,” a CNN special documentary that reveals what caused the killings of Iraqi terrorists by army soldiers. In addition, it regularly informs defence lawyers in criminal matters. Our powerful Navy military defenders will use our story to fight your court martial or administrative separation (ADSEP) case at Naval Base Norfolk. Today, the naval base is home to a number of ships, including cruisers, aircraft carriers, guided-missile destroyers, submarines, frigates, a military sealift command, and amphibious assaults.

Thanks to the fact that it has continued to grow over the years, it remains a very important naval base for the US armed forces. Over the years, the naval base has also been linked to a few “incidents,” the most recent being last year (2014) when a shooting took place on the USS Mahan (DDG-72). This incident resulted in the death of a civilian and a sailor. A civilian reportedly shot a sailor, forcing security personnel to shoot the civilian and kill him. The Norfolk Virginia Defense Depot (DDNV) is what supports this naval station. The findings of the Navy Court Martial speak for themselves. The suspect sailor and his well-being are our main concern. Our criminal defense attorneys have fewer cases than the average Marine free military defense attorney, so we can focus on each trial on an individual basis. Your case will not be outsourced to third parties and we will not force you to dive in at the last minute.

Our defense attorneys have successfully argued Navy court martial and administrative segregation cases in the United States and around the world. Gonzalez & Waddington`s experienced court-martial defenders gained a reputation for defending sailors at naval bases such as Naval Base Norfolk. If you are stationed at Norfolk Naval Base and suspected of a military crime, hiring the most experienced criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between convicting or winning your case or saving your career. Our defence lawyers represent sailors at Naval Base Norfolk in UCMJ and administrative matters, including representation of Navy sailors suspected of sexual assault, drug use and other offences under military law. Our law firm specializes in military law and represents military personnel around the world. However, with offices in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, JAG Defense is uniquely positioned to represent military personnel stationed in the Hampton Roads area. Our former JAG lawyers now practice military law exclusively as military defenders, with unparalleled success. If you or a family member is stationed at Naval Base Norfolk and is charged with a service offence such as sexual assault, or if you face administrative separation, a captain`s mast or a reprimand, contact our court martial lawyers immediately.

Sailors working at Naval Base Norfolk obtain the Court Martial Manual (2012)-Court-Martial-Attorney-to-defend-you-best military defense lawyers to defend them in their court martial or ADSEP. If you`re stationed at Naval Base Norfolk and are currently charged with a UCMJ violation, it`s time to look for an experienced military defense attorney who has fought and won cases at Naval Base Norfolk. Our military defense attorneys have fought and won many Navy cases in Norfolk, and we have an impressive record of victories in Navy cases around the world, including war crimes, white-collar crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and other criminal cases. Our tough and aggressive approach is what makes us so successful and respectable. Of course, Naval Base Norfolk in Virginia is along the waterfront, as it occupies about four miles. There are 11 aircraft hangars, 134 aircraft, 75 ships and 14 different docks. This means that the base is actually the largest naval station not only in the country, but in the entire world.

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