“The biggest difference between the NBA [and the PBA] is probably that they have the facilities where they can really contain the people coming into the bubble,” Sanchez said. Alaska winger Kevin Racal suffered a complete rupture of the cruciate ligament in his right knee, while San Miguel guard Terrence Romeo had already left the blister with a dislocated right shoulder. Where does the PBA bubble tournament take place in Pampanga? “We looked at everyone interested in hosting the PBA and thought the one that had a more comprehensive offering from a safety perspective, particularly protocol, control, proximity to hospitals and our ability to take care of our players` mental health during the bubble, the teams decided to accept Clark`s offer. PBA President Ricky Vargas said at the announcement. People (coaches, fans, health workers and hotel staff are also locked up with the players) are expected to remain in the bubble for the next two months. Latecomers can still arrive. Originally, the last registration deadline was October 10, although PBA Deputy Commissioner Eric Castro recently announced plans to extend the deadline. (Expected latecomers like Japeth Aguilar, Raymond Almazan and L.A. Tenorio now have a chance to get inside before the bubble closes.) Because the PBA doesn`t have devices that provide the necessary ventilation and filtering processes found in most hospitals, they have added more rules and regulations to compensate for and hopefully manage the new normal in the sport. – Rappler.com Only injured players and eliminated teams are allowed to leave the bubble after the test. And now, of course, it leaves its own mark in the history of the sport by being the official residence of the PBA bubble.

The only new signings allowed are free agents and contract renewals. Players can only be traded in the bubble before the start of the games. The PBA Board of Governors decided at its meeting on 17 September to hold the “PBA bubble” in the Clark area of Pampanga. The games will be played at the University of Angeles Foundation gym, while the players will stay at the Quest Hotel in Clark. [4] The league also plans to resume the Philippine Cup by October 11, if the league receives approval from the IATF EID. [5] On September 24, the IATF-EID granted the league a preliminary permit for scrums and five-on-five games. [5] The 12 PBA teams arrived in batches at Clark on September 28 and 29, 2020. [44] Marcial testified that resident physician George Canlas must first verify that treatment cannot be performed in the nearby medical town, which is part of the bladder, before players can leave and return with the approval of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority and the Clark Development Corporation. The global pandemic has disrupted the world of sport like never before.

But always ingenious organizations have responded by creating these “bubbles” – autonomous sports domes isolated from the outside world and built to save what remains of interrupted seasons. Therefore, once an ABP member leaves the bladder and returns without symptoms and is quarantined for the required period of time, they must be allowed to return during the season. After the league decided to continue the season under a bubble, it was decided that Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone1 in Pampanga would host the bubble, while the University of Angeles Foundation would host the actual matches. [8] Speaking of Paul Lee, the guard of Rain or Shine pulled a Jimmy Butler while brewing his own coffee in the bubble – just one of the many gadgets and Kakulitan PBA players who walked away while waiting for the results. Scottie Thompson also has bubble vlogs, which he #BubbleSerye hashtagged. Tap here to check his channel. ANGELES CITY — Commissioner Willie Marcial says the PBA will allow teams to have injured players treated outside the bubble if the necessary facilities aren`t available at Clark. Any player or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 will be immediately transferred out of the bubble to a nearby isolation center, according to Dizon. Inside the bladder, antigen tests are performed regularly, although the frequency has not yet been determined. According to Vince Dizon, president of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), participants in the bubble will use the Stay Safe app to track all symptoms. RoS had some very good ones, mainly thanks to his roommates Beau Belga and Ryan Araña, who set up a “bubble sari-sari shop” that received a lot of good-natured feedback from other players and fans.

(They also made some money on the side, as James Yap gave them a big one when he bought laundry detergent.) Inside the bubble, the players seemed to bring a huge amount of snacks. Each team must have specific security guards and medical staff to treat their team in the Clark bubble to effectively ensure that all players and coaches can work safely. In the Clark bubble, a quarantine facility will be established for future positive COVID-19 cases. [52] “For me, they should just follow normal protocols [before entering the bubble]. In the medical community, we always have to rely on symptoms,” Sanchez explained. Inspired by the successful restart of the NBA, the PBA created its own bubble to bring basketball back. How does the PBA bubble resemble the NBA`s? Vice President Bobby Rosales put it simply: “Once you leave the bubble, you can`t get in.” Players who leave the bubble for family emergencies are not allowed to return. Any player who leaves the bubble loses his salary for a month, and a fine of 100,000 pesos and a five-game suspension for the following season are also imposed for violations.

The fine also extends to buses, hotel staff, security personnel and television crews. The LRR has stated that there will be a strict no-re-entry policy. Those who leave the Clark bubble are not allowed to enter, even if their reasons are valid and excused. Netizens were quick to point out that among the protocols proposed and implemented by the PBA, there were several questionable rules and regulations. Commissioner Willie Marcial said only Larry Fonacier of NLEX has indicated his intention to jump the bubble so far. He will not be punished for logging out. The PBA allows players or employees to leave due to injury or personal issues. But the league had an initial policy that the bubble would keep its doors closed once the person left the premises.

With the PBA`s offer to revive the 2020 season suspended in a bubble at Clark, Pampanga continues to gain momentum. This is just one of the adjustments that will be made spontaneously as the league continues to adapt to its very first bubble configuration. Other players have settled for video games, watched Netflix or edited vlogs. Joe Devance began carefully documenting life in the bubble in the style of Javale McGee. (Click here to watch the rest of his PBA bubble videos.) The league planned to resume the Philippine Cup in a “bubble configuration,” similar to how the NBA set up its own bubble. Araneta City in Cubao, Inspire Sports Academy in Calamba, Laguna and Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga were considered venues for the PBA bubble. [43] Nevertheless, it is doubtful that PBA players can eat much food here, as they are not allowed to leave the bubble. Hopefully delivery is an option! The PBA has applied several strict protocols for the safety and containment of the virus. Most of these protocols come from the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, with several supplements. Teams must submit their final rosters by Sept.

25, and all will travel to Clark on Sept. 28-29. Players have until October 10 to enter the bubble before the league closes. On October 30, 2020, the league announced via its social media accounts that games would be postponed to ensure the integrity of the PBA bubble and until the new protocols of the IATF-EID and the Ministry of Health are in effect. [49] [50] [51] The most popular, of course, is the NBA bubble at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which now runs into its final days when the Lakers and Heat face off in the Finals. But the bubble concept has also been successfully deployed for Major League Soccer and the Chinese Basketball Association. A maximum of 25 people per team can travel in the bubble. Five media representatives are also allowed in and follow the same protocols as everyone else. In total, about 350 people — including players, league officials, media, umpires, committee members — will be subjected to the bubble, and the first 300 will be tested before going to Clark.

On September 17, the PBA Board of Governors approved a plan to resume the season on October 11 (initially October 9) and received a plan to resume the season on October 11 (originally October 9). It has received preliminary approval from the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID). All games were played in the “PBA bubble” in Angeles City, the isolation zone created specifically for league operations. [4] [5] The PBA bubble was officially announced on September 17. Players and all staff would stay at the Quest Hotel, while their matches would take place at the University of Angeles Foundation gymnasium, which is a 10-minute bus ride away. The same goes for the return to the bladder, players who finish their treatment and return are subject to strict health protocols. While waiting for the swab results to come back, the players spent their free time in their hotel rooms. Thanks to many posts on social media, we were able to get a good glimpse of life in the bubble. While the PBA guidelines have been considered absurd and punitive to some, extreme severity is appropriate. These stricter protocols were put in place to protect players and all PBA members inside the bubble. For the first two weeks of the 2021 PBA Governors` Cup, the league returned to the Ynares Sports Arena.

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