Telephone: (951) 304-7583Toll Free: (888) 588-6888Fax: (951) 600-4996Email: ADF is a global leader in defending religious freedom, freedom of speech, sanctity of life, parental rights, and God`s plan for marriage and family. Read, watch and listen to some of ADF`s most important updates: We don`t just defend freedom, we win. The ADF has won 14 Supreme Court victories since 2011, and we win nearly 80% of all our cases – but we don`t do it alone. Far-left activists and some government officials want to restrict your freedoms. But you can defend your religious freedom today! Alliance Defending Freedom is the world`s largest legal organization dedicated to protecting freedom of religion, freedom of expression, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. We defend your most cherished freedoms in Congress, in state legislatures and courtrooms across the country, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court when needed. Becket`s unsurpassed and undefeated record on the Supreme Court and his 90% victory rate in the lower courts have made us the leading law firm specializing in religious freedom. Our exceptional communications efforts continue to make us the place of choice for leading journalists and academics.

With a team of less than 35 people, such success is only possible thanks to our focused strategy and careful responsibility. Every pledge of support has a direct and tangible impact on our efforts. We hope you find this list of organizations as a useful resource at the beginning of your legal journey. When 35 Christian leaders came together to build a ministry that would defend religious freedom and keep the doors open to the gospel, they knew a covenant was needed. As our second president, John Adams, once said, “A government constitution once amended by liberty can never be restored.” Many in today`s society are acting against this “constitution of freedom,” and it is our duty not only to protect that freedom today – but also to equip the next generation to defend it tomorrow. “[The Becket Fund] is sort of an eye and ear for religious freedom for many, many organizations, and we appreciate this work, and we support this work, and we hope that they will continue to be very successful in what they do to help all Americans” – Annuttama Dasa, International Society for Krishna Consciousness “We thank the Becket Fund for their tireless efforts to defend religious freedom. Becket understands, as we do, that other important rights can be compromised if we do not diligently protect religious freedom, a freedom that is vital in itself. — Lance B. Wickman, General Counsel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Becket is a non-profit public interest legal and educational institution. We are leaders in the fight for religious freedom and the only law firm that defends all religious beliefs. Our mission is to protect the expression of all religions, from A to Z – Anglican to Zoroastrian. Becket was founded on a simple principle: because the religious impulse is natural to man, religious expression is natural to human culture.

We promote this principle in three areas – the court, the court of public opinion and the academy – in Switzerland and abroad. It is not enough to win cases; We need to change the culture, and the Alliance`s strategy to defend freedom ensures a lasting victory. To learn more about what we do, visit our key topics: freedom of religion, freedom of expression, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. By funding cases, training lawyers, and successfully advocating for freedom in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion, Alliance Defending Freedom has changed that. “The Becket Fund wins `one of the most important cases of religious freedom in half a century.`” – Wall Street Journal Since its inception, Alliance Defending Freedom has been committed to victory. Within weeks of its founding, the ADF funded a case before the U.S. Supreme Court and secured the first victory for many for religious freedom. “A highly effective religious law firm that is highly respected on the Supreme Court.” – The New York Times Religious freedom has suffered from high litigation costs.

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