You are ready to customize your import with a few mods that will improve your car`s performance, appearance and personality. Before you start changing your car and adding replacement accessories, it`s important to know the regulations and rules for automods in North Carolina so you don`t waste money or run the risk of your car not being road legal. We cover the most common vehicle mods and their associated rules to help you plan your customization project. If you are located in the Duplin County and Sampson County areas and are dealing with a quote, please contact Ludlum Law Firm to discuss your options. You don`t have to tackle this alone. Ludlum Law Firm has over 45 years of legal experience dealing with a wide range of legal issues including speeding tickets, DWI and criminal defense. We know the local courts well and our lawyers and specialist staff are here to help. “This vehicle could be stolen,” VanHoy said of one example. Or a car could carry a fictitious license plate to enable a crime without associating the vehicle with its true owner. License plate thefts are regularly reported at Mount Airy. And yes, we spoke with Trooper Thomas and Sergeant Shawn Strepay of the Fayetteville Police Department and we both said that if a soldier or police officer sees an illegally concealed license plate, the driver will be arrested and named.

According to NCDOT and NC G.S. 20-129(d), it is illegal in North Carolina for taillights or reflectors to be covered or obscured by tint if the original red end lenses or clear lens covers not originally manufactured are a violation of this law. The automotive departments of department stores tend to serve this by offering a wide range of decorative frames and covers for license plates. A license plate frame is legal if all identifying information, including labels, numbers, and letters, is clearly visible. But as of Dec. 1, some license plate covers or frames are illegal in North Carolina and subject a vehicle owner to a $100 fine. The vehicle inspection checklists published in the General By-laws and on the website of the Motor Vehicle Division do not include tinted licence plates. This list includes a check of tinted windows. MOUNT AIRY, N.C. – They can be used to promote your favorite sports team or political party and simply dress up a boring license plate. So, if your license plate frame covers some of the license renewal stickers located in the upper corners of your license plate, you may be paused and cited for a violation.

Additionally, the fashionable tinted license plate display gives officers the right to arrest you and summon you for a violation if they believe the tinted cover makes the license plate or state name illegible. N.C. Gen. Articles 20 to 63 of 20 to 63 are highly subjective, and an officer`s opinion that a cover-up is contrary to the law is almost always confirmed as a reason to stop for further investigation. These “deeper investigations” often lead to more intrusive encounters with law enforcement and even lead to a full search of a motorist`s person or vehicle. “But what most people don`t know is that it may not be legal,” VanHoy said of one of these articles. However, if oversized blankets or frames are used, there may be more than one vision problem with law enforcement. “It puts them at risk,” VanHoy said, adding that the new law “is for the safety of officers.” Q: I`ve noticed more and more cars with dark hues above their taillights, so it`s hard to tell when they`re braking, and dark hues or covers on their license plates.

My understanding is that these measures are illegal, so how can they pass such an inspection? And can the police stop cars for these offenses, or do they have to have some other reason, like not signaling a lane change or running a red light? – D.B., Fayetteville When such laws are passed, city police generally cannot initially evict someone for a violation if it is simply a matter of not being aware of the change. “We give written warnings and sometimes issue quotes,” VanHoy said. “I`m sure there will be verbal warnings” in response to illegal coverages that will soon be illegal. Starting in December, a vehicle owner whose license plate cover or frame makes important information illegible on the label is breaking the law. This includes a number or letter on the license plate, state name, or number or month on the renewal sticker. Q: I have noticed that many cars have dark, tinted covers on their license plates, seems more than ever. Is it legal? If not, will the police arrest them? What would be the amount of the fine? Do vehicle inspection stations check for clear, obscured or camouflaged labels in any way? If there is no law against that, should there not be one? Law enforcement should be able to read the tag number. — D.B., Fayetteville Do you want to add lighting features to your import? The North Carolina Car Mod laws allow you to add two additional lights, in addition to headlights and taillights. These can be headlights or auxiliary lights, such as neon tubes at the bottom.

However, red and blue lights are only used for emergency vehicles and first responder vehicles, so they are not allowed to travel on the road. There`s a good chance that many drivers in North Carolina are breaking the law without realizing it. Most drivers don`t know or understand the law that applies in North Carolina when it comes to regulating license plate frames and covers. If you took a moment and noticed other cars you pass every day, you`d see that many of them have some sort of license plate frame or cover that shows off their favorite sports team or advertises it to the dealership the vehicle was purchased from. License plates are made to be easy to read, he said. This includes the use of reflective material that makes numbers and letters visible at night. License plate frames can be a fun and creative way to decorate or personalize your vehicle and add that personal touch, but they can be a problem. According to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 20-63 “any driver of a motor vehicle who covers a registration plate with a transparent, clear or tinted frame or cover that renders illegible a number or letter in the registration of the vehicle, the name of the State on the plate or a number or month on the registration renewal sticker on the plate, commits an offence and will be punished according to G.S. 14-3.1. While a quick review of computer records can provide answers to an agent in the field, important information on the plate has obscured this effectiveness and can pose risks, VanHoy said.

A: Yes, D.B., it`s illegal. In 2010, a law passed by the NC General Assembly went into effect stating that any person who covers the license plate with “a transparent, transparent or colored/tinted frame or cover that makes illegible a number or letter in the vehicle registration, the name of the state on the plate or a number or month on the registration renewal sticker on the plate, commits an offence”. Even simple accessories such as NC license plate covers and frames, stickers, and other items can be illegal, depending on location and other factors. A: The North Carolina Department of Transportation`s conduct laws state that in this state, it is illegal for passenger cars to cover their license plate with “a transparent, transparent, or colored/tinted frame or cover that includes a number or letter in the vehicle registration, the state name on the plate, or a number or month on the registration renewal sticker on the illegible plate”. If you want customizations for your import into Raleigh, be sure to go to a reliable source so you know that they will be legally completed and made durable. Contact us today at (919) 828-7900 or fill out our contact form below to schedule Automods with one of our certified technicians. The bottom line is that not all license plate frames and covers are illegal, but whether they are illegible or not could be subjective. The best guideline is simply to remove the frame or license plate cover and find another way to support your favorite team. City police and other agencies, including the NC Highway Patrol, are hoping the public will pass the new law.

This is despite the fact that people seem to be prouder of their alma mater or try to make a statement with stickers and other messages on their vehicles, including custom labels. This article appeared in Friday`s edition of Mount Airy News. And while some may view this new rule as interference with self-expression, their intention is to ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel. Glass tint can be tricky because it`s based on percentages, which is why it`s important to go to a reliable source to get your window tint. The laws include: [Do you need more citations? Click here to learn more about obtaining a citation with a provisional permit] According to an NCDOT vehicle safety representative, the law went into effect in December. 1, 2010, and anyone who drives a motor vehicle that does not comply with the law commits a violation and will be fined as short as $100, but as high as court costs plus an additional offence. According to N.C.G.S. 20-128, mufflers must be maintained without cutting on the vehicle and are intended to attenuate engine noise in an “appropriate manner.” However, there is no regulation or specific definition of what a “reasonable means” is, so it is important to play it safe. Stickers and stickers cannot be affixed to the windshield unless required by law or have a DMV approval. Live Wire tries to answer questions of general interest and consumer issues.

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