These are the first words Unwritten Law singer Scott Russo utters after answering his phone for a New Times interview. In the background, he asks an alcohol seller for advice on the bottle that offers the best value for money, and finally decides on the recommendation: Camarena. Unwritten Law spent much of 2006 recording a “best of” album entitled The Hit List, which included 17 songs, most of which were re-recorded by the current line-up, as well as 2 new songs. The first single “should`ve Known Better” was released on January 2, 2007 by Abydos Records and reached the charts in several alternative charts. Interscope Records released their own “Best of” Unwritten Law compilation entitled 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection. Pre-order CD/Vinyl: Shortly after the release of Music in High Places, founding drummer Wade Youman was expelled from the band due to personal and professional issues. Wade then joined Join The Rattlesnake Aces. For the recording of their next album Here`s to the Mourning, drummers Adrian Young of No Doubt and Tony Palermo of Pulley joined the band in the studio. The band got along so well with Palermo that he joined them as a permanent drummer at the time of the album`s release in 2005. Most of the album`s lyrics were co-written by Scott Russo`s girlfriend, Aimee Allen, with whom he formed the side project Scott & Aimee. Allen and Linda Perry contributed to the writing of the first single from the album “Save Me (Wake Up Call)”, which reached number 5 on the US modern rock charts. It was followed by the single “She Says”.

Digital Pre-order/ Unwritten Law spent much of 2006 recording a best-of album entitled The Hit List, which was released on January 2, 2007 by Abydos Records. It contains 17 of the band`s most popular songs, most of which have been re-recorded by the current line-up, as well as 2 new songs, including the lead single “should`ve Known Better”. Interscope has also released a “Best of” compilation entitled 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection, which includes songs from the albums Unwritten Law and Elva. On January 3, 2007, “should`ve Known Better” played On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In July of the same year, the band embarked on a North American tour in support of The Hit List, with Scott & Aimee drummer Dylan Howard for about half of the tour, while Palermo stayed home with his wife, who was to be born. The band spent a lot of time recording and preparing their next album, Elva from 2002. The album is a stylistic shift away from its established punk rock formula and toward a more accessible hard rock sound. The first single “Up All Night” became somewhat popular, but it was “Seein` Red” and the accompanying music video that gave the band their biggest hit and reached No.

1 on the US Modern Rock charts. They toured extensively in support of the album with bands such as Sum 41 and The Used. “It was like, `Damn, this is how you do it.` We figured out how to write songs. For me, it all started with the black disc. Russo says the argument on stage was over Brewer`s refusal to play “F.I.G.H.T.” from Here`s to the Mourning. So I said on the mic that Rob was angry with us. I went to hug him and he pushed me. Russo says he threw water at Brewer, after which “he broke one of my teeth. So I left the stage. So did Rob.

But I went out again, threw away his guitar and we finished the set without him. Then I threw his guitar into the crowd and gave it to the kids. Chris: For a while. And to know that we have already finished the drum tracks. It was a bit strange thing. And so we really went through most of the recordings, what did we start, December? So we`re in the studio during the holidays. And then, at first, and then a little bit in January, we did most of that. And then we had to go on tour. So here we are in Australia, in February 2020, when things started. And people forget that. We literally bought masks, before COVID, because of the fires that took place in Australia. We all rocked around with these KN-95 masks, and then people started wearing masks on planes, and we wondered, what`s going on? And we returned from Australia at the end of February.

The video is great. It turned out to be great! I just watched it again, before the interview, and it turned out to be perfect. And the new album also contains a cover of Fleetwood Mac`s “Little Lies,” on which your daughter Scott can be heard as a guest singer. So it was probably a trip for you to engage him on the record as well. Were there any other considerations for other covers of this album? Or was it the case? Now, after a long wait, UL will finally reappear in Phoenix when they attend Viva PHX, the monstrous downtown festival, this Saturday, March 14. UL is scheduled for the 11pm slot at the Monarch Theatre that night, and before their performance, Up on the Sun had a lot of questions for Russo when we met him. In 1994, the band recorded their first album, Blue Room, which was released by local label Red Eye Records. He established their early sound of fast punk rock and gave them the opportunity to build their reputation through local shows in and around San Diego. Songs like “CPK”, “Shallow” and “Suzanne” became local fan favorites and remained on their live set for years. Scott: Every time a zero comes to the end of something, I`m like, “Wow, it`s been so long.” That`s strange. I`m not going to lie.

He is 20 and 25 years old on Wednesdays. And we will soon be 30 years old with Blue Room. It`s wild, and it`s only when I see exotic that I`ll never remember it. I don`t remember any data. But when I see him posted on his birthday, I`m like, oh, wow. “No one knows,” Holt replies when I ask her what she`s doing to Russo, “but it`s provocative!” Songs like Cailin and Lonesome will be dusted off as the California punks return to Australia to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking 1998 self-titled album, known as the Black Album. On June 19, 2019, drummer Wade Youman posted on Facebook that he was leaving the band again and was replaced for four shows by RJ Shankle on drums[11] and on January 27, 2020, Behind Crimson Eyes drummer Dan Kerby posted on Instagram that he would be taking the drums for shows in Australia. [12] Unwritten Law was founded in 1990 in Poway, California. Original drummer Wade Youman usually claims credit for forming the band. The band is formed by Youman, vocalist Chris Mussey, guitarist Matt Rathje and bassist Craig Winters. A number of musicians came and went before the band, including Scott Russo on vocals, Steve Morris and Rob Brewer on guitar, and Jeff Brehm on bass.

They released their first demo tape on September 9, 1992, known as Six Song Demo. The line-up changed again and they released the 7″ vinyl single “Blurr” in 1993. The band quickly established itself in San Diego`s prolific music scene of the early 1990s, which included bands such as Blink-182, Agent 51, Buck-O-Nine, Sprung Monkey, One by One, Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt. I also wrote a retrospective review about it. It also brings some eyes and ears on it. So yes, well, I`ll send it to you after the interview. And The Hum seems to receive generally positive reviews from critics and music fans. And longtime fans of Unwritten Law really seem to be digging it. What does it mean to you to receive this direct praise from so many people at this stage of your artistic career? In 2003, the band was invited by VH1 to shoot an episode of the acoustic series Music in High Places. The invitation came rather by chance, as the network hoped to attract Jimmy Eat World, but accidentally contacted the management of Unwritten Law.

The band recorded a series of acoustic performances at various locations in Yellowstone National Park. They prepared the recordings for release as an album, but Interscope refused to release it. The band ended their contract with Interscope and signed with Lava Records, which released Music in High Places as an album. The performance was also released on DVD entitled Live in Yellowstone. The song “Rest of My Life” from this performance was played all over the country by modern rock radio stations. The band`s song “Celebration Song” was used on the soundtracks of Need For Speed: Underground 2 and MX vs ATV Unleashed. Okay, okay. And you also recorded some music videos, like for “The Hum” and “Magnetic,” which you kind of alluded to.

Some of these video shoots feature actor Tyler Posey, so I was just curious about how happy you are with the final product now that it`s finally here. When Cailin was four years old, Russo wrote his daughter a love song that he never wanted to record from his skate-punk band Unwritten Law. This month marks the fourth anniversary of Unwritten Law`s latest album, Swan — the last time rockers released new music.

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