However, your business may need an industry-specific license at the state level or a license or permit at the municipal level. Licence fees depend on where you do business and the industry you are in. Visit the Small Business Administration`s Licensing and Approvals page for a complete list of industries with federal licensing requirements. However, like all other states, it has licensing and/or certification requirements for business activities and professions that require extensive training or expose consumers to potential dangers, such as: Jacqueline Nguyen is a Florida attorney who translates complex business and tax laws into easily digestible information for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Your business must apply for a sales tax license, commonly known as a seller`s license, if you rent or sell tangible property in the state of Utah. Go to the Taxpayer Access Point web portal to request approval from this seller. You should also determine if your specific profession is regulated by a state agency that requires a state-level license. Local licensing ensures that businesses are safe for the public and benefit from the legal protections to which a licensed business is entitled. A business can be visited or inspected and must meet local area, building and parking requirements before obtaining a license. This ensures the health, safety and well-being of employees and the public. In most cases, a business license is required for each business location. However, a call to the city or district office will dispel doubts. Click here for a list of community contact information.

It`s likely that any type of business you operate in the state of Utah must have at least one or, more likely, multiple business licenses to operate legally. Deciding what licenses are required for your business and with which local, state, or regional agency to register those licenses can be extremely confusing. There are many types of commercial licenses. These include local, state, and federal licenses, sales tax and other tax licenses, and licenses specific to various professions. There are also environmental licenses, zoning permits and more. After researching business licenses and permits in Utah, you can move on to the next lesson: Utah LLC Taxes. Most business licenses in cities can be issued within 30 days. You can contact the city or county where your business is located by calling or emailing the appropriate department (e.g.

building, zoning, fire department, health department). You can register online through the Utah Taxpayer Access Point, by mail, or in person to get a Utah Seller Authorization. Procedures for obtaining other licences and permits vary. After submitting your application, you will usually receive your license or certificate with a commercial license number in the mail within a few weeks. Once you have it in your possession, you may need to drop it off at your place of business. While we can`t walk you through all license applications step by step, we do offer helpful resources such as: You can obtain this sales tax license from the Utah State Tax Commission. However, a license may not be required for other types of businesses, such as creating wedding invitation templates or offering marketing advice. In the eyes of the government, even if you operate your business online, it still has a physical location. Utah business licenses are still required if you operate your business from or in Utah, as your business is still regulated by the city or county where you operate. If your business serves food or provides accommodation, you will almost certainly need a permit from your local health department. This can be in addition to the national licenses you need to obtain for food services or public accommodation.

These approvals aren`t identical or included in a commercial license, so you`ll want to do some research to see what, if any, you need before starting your business. A Utah business license grants your Utah LLC permission to operate in a specific location or industry. Also good to know: The steps to get your business license for the state of Utah vary depending on the profession. You may need to meet certain education or training requirements, or you may need experience in the field. In addition, you may need to take and pass a written exam, and usually there is a license fee that you have to pay. We`ve put together a guide to the process of obtaining a Utah business license so anyone can embark on an entrepreneurial journey through Utah`s canyons and rivers. The main state permit or license in Utah is the vendor permit, which is a common name for state sales tax registration. Here`s what you`ll need to provide when applying for a business license in Utah: You can get a Utah business license online or by mail.

In addition, businesses in certain sectors require special licences or permits. The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing provides information on which occupations require additional licenses and how to obtain them. The majority of small businesses do not need to obtain federal licenses or authorizations, but if your business is engaged in federally regulated activities, you may need to apply for some or more types of federal licenses or authorizations. Common federal enterprise license areas include: Select a business activity below to learn how to apply: A seller`s permit is the common name of a license or permit that allows you to sell products or services. Even if you only try one business idea as a sole proprietorship, you are still subject to licensing requirements at the state and local level. If you are involved in a state-regulated activity, contact the federal agency responsible for that activity. Find out what the requirements are and follow them so you can do business legally. For example, if your company deals with transportation and logistics, you will be regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Click here for more information. If your business is engaged in federally regulated activities, you must apply for the appropriate licence or licence to operate. You can register online or by mail to get a broker license in Utah.

If you haven`t started your business yet, you can also sign up on the Utah OneStop Business Registration website. For most small businesses, the federal government does not require licences or permits. However, certain types of activities are regulated by one or more federal agencies, and these activities may require a federal license or approval, such as: For example, if you want to work as an architect, you will need a license from the Professional Licensing Department. Utah agencies treat commercial licenses differently, but the majority require licenses to be renewed annually or biannually. If in doubt, contact the agency responsible for issuing your business license. 1. Company name (this is either a company name or a “Doing Business As” name. Make sure no one else has adopted that name yet).

Generally, all Utah business licenses must be verified for building zoning and compliance, as well as fire safety regulations. Although the federal government is not responsible for issuing general site licences, depending on your company`s industry, you may need to obtain licences from certain government agencies.

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