With a degree in AAS Paralegal Studies, you`ll be equipped for a range of legal careers. These can operate under many names and fall into a variety of areas of law. When you do your job search, you should look for job titles, such as: Now that we understand “what a legal assistant is”, we understand that most lawyers and law firms can benefit from the help of a legal assistant. However, hiring a full-time legal assistant is not always the best solution, especially for small businesses. In these cases, turning to an independent or virtual legal assistant is an effective solution that allows companies to delegate routine and time-consuming support tasks to a legal assistant when needed. Because paralegals do more legal work on behalf of lawyers, they often acquire more formal training or certification. However, many states do not require formal paralegal training or training. The ABA describes training opportunities and certifications for paralegals. If you`ve ever wondered, “What is a legal assistant?” you`re not alone. While the term may seem self-explanatory, paralegals are not the same as paralegals.

Paralegals and paralegals work closely with lawyers to provide administrative, research and organizational support. They provide essential support that will help legal cases run more efficiently. Paralegals can draft leases, contracts, and other legal documents so they can be ready for lawyers when needed. The average salary of a paralegal is $44,730, or about $21.51 per hour. As you might expect, more experience justifies higher salaries. The highest-paid legal secretaries can earn up to $76,500. The terms paralegal and legal assistant are generally used interchangeably, although there are some specialties in this area, such as a corporate paralegal who focuses on serving lawyers working with business clients. The average salary of a paralegal in the United States is $56,300. The content of the position varies depending on experience, education, company size, industry and market. Simply put, a paralegal is a lawyer who works – usually administratively – on behalf of a lawyer. What can paralegals do? While paralegals cannot practice law or provide legal advice, they may take on more law-specific tasks for lawyers.

Examples include interacting with legal clients, preparing legal documents, conducting interviews, assisting with court hearings, and much more. While these statistics give a general idea of the average salary of a paralegal, it is important to note that the BLS does not distinguish between the two roles. But Indeed data shows that paralegals tend to earn less per year than paralegals. The average annual salary of a paralegal in the United States is $44,229, compared to $51,239 for a paralegal. As a general rule, paralegals do not require formal training that goes beyond a high school diploma or GED. However, many are pursuing additional legal education (e.g., a legal clerkship certificate) or acquiring on-the-job legal training. You can further improve your employability by pursuing professional certification for paralegals. This is available at local and national levels.

While these rules are good general guidelines, the specific codes and rules for working with paralegals may vary depending on your jurisdiction. With that in mind, it`s important to review your state`s rules and regulations and comply with how attorneys can work with paralegals (and the tasks they can assign to them). The American Bar Association (ABA) recently revised its definition of a paralegal to separate the role from that of a legal assistant. However, legal staff without lawyers or legal assistants should not exceed the general guidelines of the ABA Model Guidelines for the Use of Paralegal Services. Under no circumstances may paralegals act as lawyers, provide legal advice to clients or present themselves as lawyers. Wondering what a legal assistant does on a daily basis? The tasks of the legal assistant make for a busy day. In this role, a person assists a lawyer in his routine duties that allow legal proceedings to continue while ensuring that everyone is kept informed. Specifically, a legal assistant will likely perform the following tasks on a regular basis: If you have an interest in the legal industry, but are not ready to embark on the lengthy training required to become a lawyer, you may find a satisfying career as a paralegal or legal assistant. This position allows you to work closely with lawyers, but requires much less training, making it a short-term perspective.

If you have excellent attention to detail and strong research skills, you can make an excellent paralegal or legal assistant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for paralegals and paralegals in 2020 was $52,920 per year, or $25.44 per hour. If you`re considering hiring an independent legal assistant, there are two general paths you can follow: Part of this process may be finding a legal assistant with specific skills and attributes.

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