Majors Law Group attorneys are able to represent individuals in Arizona and Washington if they are victims of assault or need legal assistance during bankruptcy. Attorney Dominic Majors is proud of his commitment to helping his clients get the compensation they deserve. Washington Bankruptcy Relief provides world-class legal services for everyone. It would be difficult to find lawyers of higher calibre. We ensure that our customers are well taken care of, whatever their situation. Whether it`s a car accident, bodily injury, dog attack injury or bankruptcy, we make sure our clients have all our knowledge and skills at their disposal to make an informed and appropriate decision. At Washington Bankruptcy Relief, led by Dominic Majors, our team consists of some of the most experienced lawyers in the industry, who are highly accomplished and experienced in their respective fields. For example, if you are facing bankruptcy in Washington, our Washington Bankruptcy Relief team will inform you of all your rights and exactly what you are legally entitled to. They will also inform you of your exemptions, depending on which chapter (7 or 13) you are declaring bankruptcy. One thing is for sure, you don`t have to look any further than Washington Bankruptcy Relief for trustworthy, highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to help you get out of your legal puzzle. Rest assured that you will be very well taken care of by our team. Whether it`s bankruptcy or wrongful death or other areas we practice, our advice will guide you through the legal process with as little stress as possible.

When our clients work with us, we provide them not only with legal advice, but also with the opportunity to rest and recover while taking care of the legal front. If you or a family member need legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact Majors Law Group for a free consultation. We know that these situations are not easy to deal with and that the legal system can certainly be confused with someone seeking justice. Our lawyers and legal assistants are available in all our offices to assist you with your needs and schedule a consultation. Contact Majors Law Group to speak with Dom about your case. Click here or call (602) 892-1111 Majors Law Group Washington, led by Dominic Majors, is comprised of a team of highly dedicated, talented, and law-savvy lawyers who bring years of cumulative knowledge and understanding to every situation you find yourself in. Whether it`s bankruptcy and all the complicated legal aspects, such as which chapter to file, the consequences of a car accident, and how to figure out how to protect your interests after what happened to you, the team at Majors Law Group Washington will make sure you`re properly taken care of and know exactly what you should say and/or do in such a situation. Dominic`s team is very dedicated and dedicated to guiding and advising those in need, regardless of the circumstances, and ensuring that they receive the full compensation to which they are entitled under the law and that they are fully aware of their rights and course of action in all situations. So if you ever need any of the services they offer, contact Dominic`s team at Majors Law Group Washington and breathe a sigh of relief. The Majors Law Group is a collection of offices in Arizona and Washington.

Each office is open and available to existing clients or people curious about legal advice. We offer free consultations without pressure and are happy to work with your schedule to discuss your case. Dominic also volunteered as a “friend of the court” at Pro Se hearings to confirm debtors. Aside from strictly legal volunteering, he has worked with various local organizations such as State 48 and often donates clothing to community members who need it. Majors Law Group is an experienced group of lawyers representing individuals and businesses in bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful death and car accidents. There are four main offices that make up the Major Law Group, in Arizona are among our offices: Phoenix Metro, Tucson and Peoria. In Washington you can visit us in Tacoma, Renton, Seattle and from 01.06.2022 in Spokane. Our energetic lawyers recognize the nuances of navigating the legal system while trying to get your life back on track after a traumatic event. In addition to working with State 48, Dominic is also passionate about supporting his local Little League recreational baseball clubs. He has developed a passion for youth development and is actively involved in supporting local youth sports, including making donations and doing in-kind work to the Chandler American Little League and similar organizations.

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