Summarizing hours of testimony into a concise summary is a valuable skill that can save lawyers hours of time and thousands of dollars in legal fees. We offer years of expertise and services to support the legal industry. We have highly qualified medical experts who can summarize and evaluate medical records and provide cost-effective analysis of medical records. Our services are endless. Brief and informative overview of the applicant`s medical history. Lawyers often have a lot of medical records, but they lack time and exposure When selecting the jury, thousands of pages of completed questionnaires are often compiled. Important details of the judge may be overlooked PDF bookmarks are considered a clickable table of contents list available on the left side of the PDF document (medical records) Present facts about the accident in an effort to convince the insurance regulator to provide adequate compensation. Focus on the injuries sustained by the accident and the pre-existing injuries that were aggravated by the accident. Improves understanding of medical terminology that appears in medical timelines or deposit transcripts and pop-ups. A detailed list of missing files to be recovered is provided, including data, providers, file type and their importance for case analysis, pain and suffering chart and chart, accident timeline, injury list, comparison chart, pain and mediation chart, the treatment diagram and pre-existing injuries recording medical events in the order of occurrence.

Our medical timelines are unbiased, factual and insightful.

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