We offer a wide range of services to help legal teams obtain substantial evidence in cases All our examiners receive regular and comprehensive training from leading lawyers in the field on relevant SIBTF jurisprudence. They are aware of the problems that may arise in the courtroom and write reports that take into account the judges` considerations. In addition, our quality assurance team ensures that our reports meet the highest standards, further minimizing the need for additional requests and declarations. Specialties of medicine dealing with issues and relations with substantive law and legal institutions; such as conducting medical examinations at crime scenes, conducting autopsies, testifying medical experts in court proceedings, medical treatment of inmates, practicing trauma medicine in law enforcement facilities, and other clinical practices and medical scientific applications in the areas of law, law enforcement, and corrections. Highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals in all California specialties. Our evaluators are specially trained and knowledgeable about case evaluation and evaluation SIBTF Medical Legal Evaluators, Inc. is a forensic firm based in Richmond, California. We support California legal teams with a wide range of reporting services, providing exemplary service and timely valuation reports that constitute physical evidence in cases. We were built to meet the pitfalls of the current system. We asked lawyers what was most important to them in an injurisical report, and then developed a comprehensive process to address their priorities. Med-Legal Evaluators Inc. further complements EMQ`s service by expediting the collection of all necessary and timely medical reports and records required in EMQ`s process to perform the most thorough assessment. Our proprietary Expert Source methodology saves you time, increases your success rate, and provides answers to complex and contentious medical questions.

Every year, thousands of lawyers trust our process to deliver results in more than 5,000 cases a year. Med-Legal Evaluators Inc. is a management group that provides an experienced panel of qualified health professionals to assist in the assessment of workplace accidents. Our national network of medical experts is always available to make their legal statements in medico-legal cases. With locations throughout the state of California, our doctors and their staff are ready to meet all your QME, AME, and IME requirements. Our highly qualified medical experts are available for Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), Qualified Medical Assessments (QMEs), Accredited Medical Assessments (AMEs), Medical Experts, Medical Record Reviews, Study Preparations, Disability Assessments, Fitness for Service Assessments (FFDEs) and Medical Legal Advice. Our doctors are highly regarded in the medical and legal communities and they are all certified by the State of California. Most of our physicians are regularly selected as qualified medical examiners. With our medical examiners, you can expect: complete and timely medical reports, easily accessible appointment times, accurate and appropriate tests, a complete review of medical history and records, and a thorough review of relevant case law.

At California Medical Evaluators, we believe that experts in the forensic field are trained, not found. We follow a unique proprietary process for the research and development of our medical experts, proven to increase success rate and provide answers to complex and contentious medical questions. Each year, thousands of lawyers rely on our rigorous mentoring, training and qualification program in more than 5,000 cases. Throughout the Golden State, we have it all for you. With an extensive network of more than 80 offices in California, we are able to provide forensic services where you need them. With over 200 doctors in our network, we are sure to have the right expert for your needs. All our doctors are highly qualified and experienced. Our rigorous mentoring, training and selection process ensures that each expert is highly qualified. For general inquiries, please fill out the following contact form: Physicians and health care providers related to Medical Legal Evaluators, Inc. include: Medical Legal Evaluators is fundamentally different in that a single provider performs all stages of a case assessment.

We do not use historians, listeners or transcribers. The result is a case fully evaluated, designed and documented by an expert. Nothing is lost in translation. 12-hour state-approved QME reporting course and several online QME CEUs available. Whether you are a newly appointed QME physician or have been practicing for years, we have a customized program designed to grow your QME practice. Medical Legal Evaluators, Inc. has been listed in the National Provider Identifier database since April 12, 2017 and its NPI number is 1457885840. To make an appointment, please call (855) 779-2763. Specializes in SIBTF, longshore/DBA and personal injury assessments.

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