Provincial court addresses and contact information. Ontario is committed to a modern, professional justice system that supports accessible, fair, timely and efficient court services. Main office: 416-314-3962 Email Address Courthouse-specific appointment and correspondence information / Schedules and login information for each courthouse: Adjournment dates for criminal matters (accused out of custody) See the list of adjournment dates in regular criminal courts Virtual Criminal Case Management Connecting and scheduling courts Intensive Case Handling Led by a Judge Trial Readiness Court NEW – The Daily Court Lists website now publishes information about cases for two days. You are on the page that leads you to information about today`s cases. To see information on tomorrow`s cases, please read the lists of tomorrow`s courts (routing slips). Please note that case information changes daily at 8 a.m. (i.e., at 8 a.m., the cases listed under “Today`s Hearing Lists” are updated to reflect the day`s cases). Fraud alert: If you receive a call claiming to be from an Ontario courthouse looking for your Social Security Number or other sensitive personal information, it could be a scam. Report it here if you think the caller is a scammer. Information on cases prosecuted in municipal courts of provincial offences, including provincial offences, violations of municipal ordinances and violations of federal offences. Download or print court forms you may need for court proceedings in Ontario. 110 Main Street North, P.O.

Box 699 Alexandria, Ontario K0C 1A0 For general inquiries / General Inquiry: 613-525-4330 Email Read the annual reports of the Office of the Attorney General, which administers Ontario`s courts. A satellite court provides selected and limited court services in conjunction with a principal registry. Please contact the court`s satellite registry for hours of operation. Learn more about accessing digital court records of Supreme Court proceedings. How to get a court interpreter if you don`t understand or speak the language of the court. There are four courtrooms in Renfrew County. For general information / General inquiries: 905-878-4165 Email (criminal) 905-878-7281 Email (family) List of Ontario Court of Justice courthouses with their contact information. If the courthouse is a satellite court, the main court is indicated in parentheses. The Daily Court Lists ( website publishes daily lists of courts in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. Daily court lists contain the name of the case, time, chamber number and reason for appearing in court. Learn about court documents available to the public and the media, and how to access them. Learn more about accessing digital court records in civil and family proceedings, as well as criminal proceedings before the Court of Appeal.

Many of our courthouses have features that are accessible to people with disabilities. If you have any questions about the accessibility features of the courthouse or require accessible court services, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator listed there. All provincial offences court matters in the Renfrew County Court service area are administered by the Provincial Offences Administrative Office. This includes investigations, enforcement of fines and payments. Hours and login information for each courthouse: This notice is available on the Court`s website under Ontario manages more than 150 court proceedings across the province. Learn more about the court submission and the resources available throughout the process. Find out if you are eligible to waive your legal costs and how to apply for a fee waiver. For general inquiries / General inquiries: 705-272-4256 Email Crown Attorney: 416-314-3936 Email Crown Attorney Office: 705-739-6188 If you have any questions about using an online court services platform (e.g. Justice Services Online or CaseLines), follow the contact instructions at this platform. Each dish offers different services.

Please check the details of the location of the court before visiting. For more information on Ontario Court of Justice courthouses, contact us for general comments and questions about court services. Please note the following information on how to attend court remotely on the date and time specified in your notice. Please note that contact information for municipal provincial criminal courts is available here: Additional contact information for all Ontario courthouses can be found on the Attorney General`s website. Learn how to find information online about criminal and civil court proceedings at the Supreme Court. The county Provincial Offences Administration office is responsible for the administration of the county`s court services, including setting trial dates and imposing fines under the Provincial Offences Act. Find contact information for your court`s accessibility coordinator. Adjournment dates for criminal case management (accused out of custody) See the list of adjournment dates in regular criminal courts (see also the list of special adjournment dates for the Northeast region for certain exceptions) Virtual Criminal Case Management Connection and calendar of courts Trial Reserve Court Please note that some cases do not appear in the daily court lists. For the Supreme Court, this includes written questions, questions added after the publication of the list, and questions subject to statutory, customary or court-ordered restrictions on public access.

For the Ontario Court, this includes written cases (e.g., 14B in family law), matters added to the list after publication, and matters subject to legal, customary or court-ordered public access restrictions, such as CYFSA and YCJA (youth) cases. Please note that weekend and holiday court listings are not published on this website. Note: You cannot request access to information to access court records from the Ministry of the Attorney General. Court records are provided by the courthouse where the case was heard. Learn more about how to request information from the Department. The “Court Case Search Tool”, available through e-Justice Services, allows users (anyone with an Ontario Key Service account) to search for OCJ information about adult criminal proceedings, including future court dates and how to appear, by entering the name or information number of the accused. The tool is available at Every day, our judges and justices of the peace deliver independent, impartial and timely justice to the thousands of people who appear before the Ontario Court in more than 200 locations across the province. This year, Ontario`s court, Canada`s busiest court, will handle approximately 500,000 adult and youth criminal complaints, hear millions of provincial offences such as speeding tickets, and serve more than 20,000 families. Criminal / Criminelle 44 Queen Brantford Street, Ontario N3T 3B2 General Information / For general inquiries: 519-758-3460 Visit the municipal court contact page for more information on how to find a district court location near you. Crown Counsel: 905-775-2621 Access daily court listings of the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice.

You can access the daily hearing lists for more information about your next hearing date. If you have a question about a specific court case, please contact the registry where the case is being heard. Daily court lists contain the name of the case, time, chamber number and reason for appearing in court. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am.

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