Last month`s emails purported to be from Michael Chantler, “legal counsel and partner at Farrer & Co LLP.” Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10174 Phone: 1-646-217-4943 Fax: No Email: Website: A large number of fake law firms set up by criminals to add a touch of authority to their scams Here are the scams carried out by criminal gangs behind the fictitious legal fronts. The employees` photos were stolen from legitimate company websites – the real Karl Johnson works for a law firm in Kansas, USA. My experience in dealing with Optima Legal is fantastic. Everything is finished during the forecasts. Keeps abreast of all areas. Everything that was done on my side seemed effortless, but I know that a lot was invested by the team that made this happen for me. If a leading regulator like the SEC or FCA has warned the public about Optimo Legal Associates, don`t take any chances. There are thousands of brokers and the fact that this name has received negative attention from a government regulator means that there must have been a significant number of complaints or illegal activities to warrant this kind of attention. Remove Optimo Legal Associates from your list if they have been on strike. After repeatedly uncovering online lending scams, I wasn`t surprised to read the official figures on the scale of the scandal this week. We believe that Optimo Legal Associates takes advantage of clients and offers false services to get money from the public. We didn`t come across Optimo Legal Associates by chance, but we did use special tools to search for brokers reported for alleged wrongdoing. If you`re going on vacation, be wary of emails that appear to be from your hotel asking for payment.

Previously, criminals used the names Patrick J Cusack & Co and Pearsons Solicitors, two real companies, but changed contact information in order to get answers. Encarta was run by Dean Doughty and Matthew Hart of Bexleyheath, a stone`s throw from Bromley in Kent, the capital of British investment fraud. The worst service I`ve ever received from a company, not just lawyers. I asked them to make a net worth and mortgage transfer on my property, it took over 4 months instead of the planned 4-6 weeks! The only reason I managed to close before my mortgage offer expired was because I was spamming the portal mailbox with 60 messages a day. I downloaded all my documents on time, but they don`t do anything with them unless you pursue them. They would ignore messages on the portal for weeks and refuse to take calls, as others have also written in reviews. If they answered on the portal, the matter still wouldn`t really progress, they would find general excuses, and ignore my questions about what the status quo is. I had to remind them that this was not a favor they had done me, but actually a service I paid for, so I don`t expect to wait 3 weeks for a reply to a message.

I`m a pretty close person, but after the experience I had with Optima, I would recommend spending more money and hiring a competent lawyer instead. If you have the same problems, the only thing I can suggest is to notify them relentlessly and be a nuisance, because they certainly will not work on the matter if they are left to their own devices. Some or all of the following red flags have been raised in relation to Optimo Legal Associates Read more by Andrew Penman here and in the Daily Mirror Not all customer review sites are as reliable as expert reviews, but if there are a large number of negative reviews claiming the same thing, that`s not a good sign. If you research Optimo Legal Associates, only to be bombarded with reviews from dissatisfied clients and negative news on the internet, as well as social media conversations about the broker engaging in shady practices, be warned. It was a bad summer for wine investment companies, with another collapse. Another alleged London staff member pictured on the website is Mike Scarton, but he is actually based in Indiana. One of the curses of these brokers is that the details of the victims are passed from one company to another, so they are scammed several times. The buyer`s lawyer believed that the money had been transferred to the account of the lawyer representing the seller. It`s not just beginners who become the target of fraudulent Forex brokers. Thanks to technological advancements, almost anyone can forge identities, credentials and licenses, and scam beginners and advanced traders.

We took a close look at Optimo Legal Associates and found many inconsistencies and issues that led to the “Stay away!” message. Farrer & Co is a real law firm that employs attorney Michael Chantler, but none are linked to fraudulent messages sent from a Gmail account. Recently, scammers pretended to be a charitable foundation represented by ÂAddleshaw Goddard LLP, a real company that has nothing to do with the scam. However, the so-called regulators, who are not on the lists of official regulators, issue licenses that are just a fig leaf to cover up questionable practices. Many fraudulent forex brokers obtain these licenses for a fee, but the regulator does not provide oversight or protection of clients. If Optimo Legal Associates holds an offshore license, do not open an account with them. Another type of upfront fee scam, rather than dangling inheritance or lottery winnings, the news suggests that you qualify for a government or charitable grant. I`ve never had a company that has the “computer says no” attitude as bad as this company. They were working on my mortgage and my banking mistake told them never to use it again. You can`t talk to a representative if they`re not proactively getting things done. They will wait 14 days for an answer, and then, when they get it, they will propose something else and wait again and so on. I never got a reminder even though I called every day for 2 weeks.

Terrible In a variation of the theme, if you have only paid a deposit, you might be asked to pay the balance before you arrive. File a complaint against Optimo Legal Associates by filling out the form below. What makes the scam particularly plausible is that the emails contain precise details about the holidaymakers, such as home address and dates of stay, obtained by phishing or hacking into the hotel`s computer systems. A typical victim of her surgery told me she was looking for a loan online after her new employer paid her salary late. The whole experience from start to finish seemed less and went very well, lots of updates. Excellent service. But the seller`s real lawyers had diverted their data from the criminal gang that had created a fake branch of the company. A typical example this month was cold calling scammers representing Optima Legal and suggesting that you are entitled to compensation of up to £3,000 for a road accident. The PAUSE program lists companies that falsely claim to be registered, licensed, and/or resident in the United States to attract investors. The PAUSE program also lists companies posing as genuine investment firms registered in the United States, as well as regulators, government agencies, or fictitious international organizations.

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