Authorizes the Mayor of Bogotá, D.C., in his capacity as legal representative of the Capital District, to carry out all activities and actions appropriate and inherent to the participation of Bogotá, D.C. in the Colombian Association of Capitals. “Although the horizontal deed of ownership does not expressly indicate the amendments made to Law 675 of 2001, which revised this documentation in the light of Article 86 of the above-mentioned standard, it should be noted that the regulation of ownership complies with the provisions of the norm that governs the matter”, since the local jurisdiction for the registration of buildings and ensembles, subject to the horizontal regime of ownership, is limited to what is required by Article 8 of Law 675/01, according to which this is done by presenting to the official or competent body the registered certificate of constitution of the horizontal property right and the documents certifying the appointments and acceptances of those who exercise legal representation and the tax inspector. Advice on the certificate of existence and legal representation of the Mayor of Bogotá. In that regard, it should be noted that Article 166 of the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Code of Administrative Procedure refers to the documents which must be annexed to the application in proceedings before the administrative courts, stating in paragraph 4 thereof that, in the case of legal persons governed by private law or legal persons governed by public law participating in legal persons governed by public law, Proof of existence and representation must be attached. in this process, except with regard to the nation, departments and municipalities and other institutions created by the Constitution and the law. Article 77(4) of the Code of Civil Procedure stipulates that the application must be accompanied by proof of representation of legal persons acting as plaintiffs or defendants, with the exception of the nation, ministries and municipalities. In accordance with articles 286 and 287 of the 1991 Political Constitution, is it an autonomous territorial entity for the management of its interests, with the right to govern itself from its own authorities and to exercise the corresponding competences? Article 2 of Decree-Law 1421 of 1993 provides as follows: The capital district, as a territorial unit, is subject to the political, administrative and fiscal regime expressly established for it in the Constitution, this Statute and the special laws promulgated for its organization and functioning? In the absence of the above-mentioned norms, it is subject to the constitutional and legal provisions applicable to municipalities. Bogotá, D.C., is a territorial entity whose creation derives directly from the Constitution, therefore, in accordance with Article 166 of the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Code of Administrative Procedure, it is not necessary to prove its existence and legal representation in accordance with this provision. With regard to the legal representation of Bogotá, it should be noted that article 35 of Decree-Law 1421 of 1993 stipulates that the mayor is the head of the Government and administration of the district and represents the district of the capital legally, judicially and extrajudicially in accordance with paragraph 3 of the higher article 315. The Mayor of Bogotá is the legal representative of the district and may represent other similar entities, which does not mean that the accounts debited by him should serve as general privileges of the creditors of all the legal entities he represents.

Is the (?) Code of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Jurisdiction The documents to be annexed to the action in the proceedings for which the jurisdiction of the contested administrative authority is known (?) must be accompanied by proof of the existence and representation in the case of legal persons governed by private law or persons governed by public law who are parties to the proceedings, except with regard to the nation, departments and communes. (¿) Bogotá D.C. is, according to (?) the Constitution (¿), a territorial entity with autonomy for the management of its interests, with the right to be governed by its own authorities (?) 1. The District Council, 2. The mayor. 3. Local Boards of Directors. 4.

Mayors and other local authorities. 5. The bodies created and organized by the Council at the initiative of the Mayor. (¿) does not refer to the function of the mayor, but to the mayor, being at the head of the mayor, in which (?) (¿) comply with the Constitution, the law, the decrees of the national government and the agreements of the Council of Bogotá D.C. (¿). View virtually responses to submissions, which are submitted anonymously to the company and do not have a notification address. Mayor Claudia López has appointed Deyanira Ávila, cadastral engineer and geodesian, as Bogotá`s Minister of Mobility. Catalina Valencia, the new Minister of Culture, graduated in choreographic composition from the National University of Arts of Argentina. Inform the district secretariat of the government 48 hours before the development of concentrations, mobilizations, sit-ins or demonstrations in the streets or. The new secretary is a cadastral engineer and geodesist graduated from the U.S. Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; Specialist in urban environment management.

This is the team that accompanies the mayor in the cabinet. It consists of secretaries, managers and directors of district institutions who work every day for a better city.

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